Dropbox’s popular iOS email client ‘Mailbox’ finally comes to Android

by: Andrew GrushApril 9, 2014


Roughly a year ago, Dropbox acquired popular iOS email client Mailbox for $100 million. Now after all this time, Android users can finally get their hands on the Mailbox app as well!

Just like the iOS version, Mailbox’s biggest features are its unified inbox that lets all your mail come into one place, as well as its swiping functions that allow you to snooze emails until later, or you can even archive and delete messages depending on whether you short or long swipe to the right. One change from the iOS version is a brand new feature called Auto Swipe, which basically learns your swiping actions in order to bring automation to certain tasks like archiving.

For those looking for “one email client to rule them all”, it’s worth noting that Dropbox is introducing a version of Mailbox for desktop computers as well. This handy for those who enjoy the Mailbox app and are looking for a uniform experience both on mobile and desktop.

Get it on Google Play

Mailbox is free to use, though at the moment it only supports iCloud and Gmail accounts. Dropbox promises wider email platform support is coming down the pipe line, though.

Anyone try out Mailbox for Android yet? If so, what do you think so far, how does it compare to other popular Android clients like the official Gmail app?

  • Moose

    Great, another port from IOS that completely disregards the Android design guidelines.

    • Sam Del Valle

      Don’t knock it ’til you try it

      • khha4113

        I did. Only has services for Gmail and Icloud. Not worth it until it support more services.

        • Sam Del Valle

          Don’t hold your breathe for any more services

    • Jimmy Jamm

      Open source Mr Android design guidelines Nazi…means there is no right or wrong way…

  • Histirea

    Unavailable on my HTC One. If it’s my DPI settings that’s the problem like it is for EverythingMe, fuck this shit.

    • Matt Dowdy

      Download allappsinplaystore xposed module which submits a normal density to the playstore so that you can download any app that wouldn’t normally be available

      • khha4113

        Would it require the device has to be rooted?

        • Histirea

          Yes. It runs on the Xposed Framework, which requires root privileges.

  • Milt

    where is the app in the play store?? i can’t find it…

  • Ishaan Malhotra