Droid videos

You like videos, and we like bringing them to you.

The new Droid devices are more than we thought we’d get, and to say they’re impressive would be less than adequate. Contextual, hands-free, superb processor — the list goes on. Thankfully, Motorola has laid out some cool videos for us, showcasing what the refocussed company thinks really matters.

The videos aren’t long, but they get their point across nicely. Endurance, strength, detail, and intelligence; those are the four attributes Motorola would like us to take away from today’s device announcements, and it seems like the new Droid lineup will deliver. Kevlar body, contextual awareness, great battery life, and beautiful build quality. There’s a lot to love about the new Motorola devices.

Just keep in mind the videos are more about what’s being said that seen, so be sure to turn the sound up a touch. Enjoy!

  • Eduardo Sandoval Salvatori

    I really like this videos. They are quite mysterious and cool.
    But then again I’ve always liked most of the DROID ads.

  • poocaster

    My droid 4 screen is all cracked from one 3 ft drop #strengthmatters.

    • tomn1ce

      I dropped my OG Droid quite a few times and nothing happen to the screen..You would think that they would get better as time goes by. Or your Droid 4 wasn’t lucky… (-_-)

  • Jacob Buys

    Guys i was looking for the moto x on youtube and found this 4 mintue demo of it, is it real? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fm8uB-hDLQo

    • zifarhat

      Yep I watched it top according to the leaked design and the moto x seen in the hands Eric schmidt its real

  • Drizzle

    These are kinda creepy… Reminds me a little of the NSA for some reason.

  • Victor V.

    so wait does “with boarderless screen” mean this phone is bezeless? It’s screen from edge to edge on one side? it looked like that was the case from the video.

  • It’s DROID Family right? Maxx, Ultra and Mini

  • Grman Rodriguez

    Those videos would make horrible commercials lol

  • rey

    no one beats sony in design and quality :)

    • joser116

      How about the Edge? Or Oppo? Or HTC One? Dare I say Apple? /.