Despite not launching with Ice Cream Sandwich, the brand spankin’ new DROID RAZR is winning hearts and minds all over with its incredibly thin 7.7 mm profile, Super AMOLED Advanced qHD 4.3 inch display, and other goodies on board.

One of the more curious things about the device is that it’s built with Kevlar on board – licensed from DuPont, and also claims to be a “splash resistant” device.

In the video you will see below – it actually holds up quite well. It struggles for the first few seconds while the screen is still wet, but after it is dried a little bit,  springs back into action unscathed. Would you ever try this with your current phone? I think not!

Check out the video below!

Darcy LaCouvee
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  • i hear the thing is boot locked …….. right or wrong ? ….if it is then being water resistant is nothing amazing , a rock is too (water resistant) . Boycott manufacturer that deliver locked/signed bootloaders!! do not buy any of their handsets

    • Anonymous

      All bootloaders are unlocked; the problem here is that Motorola locks AND encrypts the bootloader. Even the Nexus phones shipped with locked bootloaders. The unlock process is easy though
      fastboot oem unlock

      Not so much with these encrypted bootloaders by Moto and HTC. Samsung is more open though ;-)

  • Anonymous

    Glad I’m not doing that to my phone! Looks great, can’t wait to try it out.

  • my years as a repair tech have told me one thing. if that charging port is exposed, that bish aint water ANYTHING, not splashproof, not water proof, not anything.

    this guy will see no functionality change for a good week, then as the green death known as corrosion starts building up inside, components will start to shit themselves. at the very LEAST his charging port will rust and stop working.

    • Anonymous

      I’m totally with you on this! Corrosion is a mutha….. some take days, some weeks, but phones start to fail after corrosion has started.

    • Anonymous

      motorola has coated all the internal workings with a water resistant coating

    • awesomeness

      that guy has a really good point. and the charging point can’t be covered by the coating, but its still awesome.

      • Shanee LovesDonsha Hamilton

        my charging port isn’t covered and it just fell in the toilet and it working and everything tried charging it and that worked too

    • Yup

      One word. Liquipel.

  • Anonymous


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  • I would never do this this on my smart phone. But it’s good to know it can outlast the water. I guess this means we can use this phone in the rain without any problem.

  • Mamoon Noorestani

    I put my Motorola Defy in a half-full bucket of water once for 5 minutes while it was off. And nothing happened to it afterwards. It’s still working great. But i wish Motorola would add wet finger tracking technology on their upcoming Android 4.0 phones.

  • Chris

    Dropped my phone in poop water this morning. It works right now but the cam is fogged up and the power and volume buttons are non responsive. Charging port works but I don’t care to charge a busted ass phone.

    • Prichard743

      Then your phone prolly isn’t a razor cheap ass

      • guest

        I’ve had my razr less than a month. accidentally dropped it in the toilet yesterday. it doesn’t work now, first the screen went all weird then it got really hot and made a strange noise. i called verizon they transferred me to asurion who told me to call motorola. called them and they said that they don’t guarantee it to still work if it gets wet. then shy claim it to be water resistant?

        • Do u understand the difference between the word “resistant” and the word “proof”?