Jelly Bean Droid Razr rooted, hacker claims bounty

by: Robert TriggsJanuary 16, 2013


Motorola Droid Razr users have been having a frustrating time trying to root their devices since the official 4.1 JellyBean OTA update, which began rolling out at the end of last year. For some reason root access was lost when upgrading to the new version of Android, and previous methods of rooting the handset became obsolete. The situation irritated some users so much that a $450 bounty was raised, to be awarded to the first person who could crack the problem.

Well, Dan Rosenberg recently announced that he has successfully achieved root access on Razr and Razr Maxx devices, and so he claims the bounty. Just to go one step further, Dan has also made the root exploit simpler than ever to install — it can be done with just the double click of a BAT file.

Installing the exploit is very simple, but before starting make sure that your device is recognized by your computer and that you have the latest Motorola USB drivers installed. Then all you need to do is download and extract the required zip file to your desktop, enable USB debugging mode on your handset, connect your phone via USB, and then double-click “run.bat”.

If you’re in need of root access on your Razr handset then you’ll need to head over to the original thread and register before the download links become visible.

  • So many facts left out. 1st the RAZR JB update was pulled and is no longer “rolling out.” Second, any OTA will break root so why is it “for some reason?” Don’t you guys even own Android devices? Lol

    • Rob Triggs

      “It rolled out” is different from “began rolling out”. One phrase
      implies completion, the other does not. I suggest you re-read the sentence.

      Secondly, I’m clearly talking about the disappearance of rooting
      methods, not about losing your root because you updated. Notice that I didn’t mention OTA installation in that sentence, again I suggest you re-read what I

      Perhaps the term “root access” is a little open to interpretation, so for that I’m sorry. Read: ‘ability to root’ instead and all should be made clear.

      • Lol ok. You said “began rolling out,” implying that it still is. You also said and I quote, “for some reason root access was lost when upgrading.” Implying that it’s unheard of to lose root when accepting an OTA. I suggest YOU reread what you wrote before looking like a fool for a third time.

  • Nick Post

    I call bull. I did the manual install of jb on Christmas eve and rooted it the next day somehow. Are that many people bad at Google?

    • You may have restored your previous but you definitely didn’t use a tool to root JB the next day.