We told you over the weekend that all of us Droid Bionic owners would be getting an update, but we didn’t know which update it would be. It could have been the mistakenly rolled out .901 update, or the leaked .902 update or even Ice Cream Sandwich (which seemed very unlikely). The image above has leaked out onto Verizon’s support website and the change log is pretty short but the important changes are there. Including “data connectivity and stability improvements” along with a fix for the Black screen lockups many of us have seen.

The update is just 57.6MB in size. Go to Settings > About Phone> System Updates and check to see if the update is ready for you too. Hit up the comments and let us know when it shows up on your device, it hasn’t yet shown up on mine. Let us know if you see any data drops or Black Screen of Death (BSOD) after this update, we are interested to see if this really fixes all the problems.

  • says I’m uptodate with 5.5.893xt875 but then it told me I was up to date on all the others and I wasn’t ~ I had to go to Motorola to get the last

  • Aaaaassaa

    Just recived the update.

  • Doucher

    Just got mine too.

  • CodeSmith

    Just got the update

  • Validemail

    Just got it. Rooted, though, and I can’t remember if I’m “forever rooted,” so I’m not gonna take the update yet. Can’t afford to spend half a work-day with no phone. Maybe I’ll take it this weekend.

  • Yearofthechoices

    I manually updated to. 901 and still recieved the update :) and kept root

  • Jeremylexi

    I just got it. Not liking all the bloat though.

  • Dns

    Got the new update. Now it shows I have 3g but wont get any data connection at all. Does Motorola really think just programming them to show a connection is going to fix the problems? With a phone of this type they should have been able to program it to work right. Now almost 6 months later and no real fix in sight! I’m glad I still have my old 855 because it works just fine when my Bionic has no data connection. Moto=Fail on this one..

  • Videoguyla

    Just installing now- Los Angeles,CA 12:18 am Feb 12, 2012

  • Aaron Milstein

    i just got the update. i would recommend doing a “hot reset” by pulling the battery while the phone is on. The last time they released on OTA update, I had data connectivity issues until I did that…

  • Rogerisl8

    Updated; but i am still getting data drops and HUGE lags when low 4g switching to 3g and back again

  • Gaming Impaired

    Updated last night and have to say Havent had any Data drops as of yet which by this time in the day I would have had to reboot my phone at least 2 times. So far so good. Guess we will see…

  • Jim Jenkins929

    Suffiering 1x connectivety since update almost all the time. Used to be solid 3g and occasionially 4g. Thanks again moto:-(

  • Wolvpack

    Updated and now my phone cannot surf web and talk on phone in 3G like it used too. Sold to me that it had that capability and now motorola is saying it should only work in 4G. Its BS! They do this bait and switch all the time. The original Driod had the capability to surf and talk and that’s why my wife bought it… that has now been disabled via updates. SEEMS ILLEGAL TO ME.

  • William_alexander31

    No update for my phone

  • Jasminenakeo

    I still have the same issues with my 4 &3g. Having to constantly shutting my phone off and on. I have told my families and friends not to get a Droid phone. Get smaller screen but less issues. I have 1 1/2yr left on contract before I switch to it.

  • Tleavitt07

    Just got the update

  • Tammie in Hickory

    I got mine this morning. I noticed when browsingfacebook I am moving a lot faster but as for receiving data and talking at the same time is a NO. When I purchased my phone in December 2011 I could receive pics while talking and web browse now I can’t do either and it is a bummer to have to hang up just open a picture msg.