Motorola Droid Bionic Jelly Bean update starts rolling out today

by: Andrew GrushApril 15, 2013


Last week we reported that Verizon was planning a Jelly Bean update for the Motorola Droid Bionic for release on April 15th. Right on schedule, the update has now started rolling out to Bionic owners.

The new update brings Bionic users all the Jelly Bean magic that those with newer handsets likely take for granted, including Google Now, enhanced notifications and massive speed improvements thanks to Project Butter. This newest upgrade also has several changes specific to the handset, such as improvements for Back Up Assistant Plus and Visual Voicemail.

You might want to wait until you are on a Wi-Fi connection before grabbing this one though, as it is pretty large at 98.72MB. As for when you can get your hands on the update? You might be lucky enough to have the update now, but don’t panic if it hasn’t arrived. In typical Verizon fashion, this will roll out in phases and it might take up to a few weeks to reach each and every Bionic owner.

To check for yourself if the update is available, head to Menu>Settings>About Phone>System. For those that have been lucky enough to get the update already, what do you think? Did you run into any snags or was it all smooth sailing?

  • bionic_user

    so far no noticeable issues. received my update late last night.
    seems to be running quicker since the upgrade. I am still running a 3rd party launcher so may disable that to see if I like what they have done with the home launcher and see if i like it over previous versions.
    hoping they fixed issues that ICS had with using more battery power than gingerbread. (which were partially resolved by performing a factory reset after the ICS upgrade)

  • bionic_user

    forgot to mention, I am in the pacific northwest (Seattle/Tacoma/Olympia)

  • Shauna

    This update has made my Bionic almost nonfunctional. I have to take the battery out to end a phone because as soon as the screen times out, my phone freezes…I can’t access the play store, half my apps disappeared, I hate the visual changes, everything is slower. I am really NOT happy at all.

  • Darryl

    Jelly Bean has ruined my phone! since update a lot of apps no longer work. including my FM radio and FM streaming apps.. all my pictures are scattered all over. the personal albums I created are gone and I can’t make new ones. I do not like dial pad or the fact I cant change it. I noticed that a lot on my personal setting have changed and are no longer available. Before the update I was very pleased with the way ICS operated my phone did every thing I wanted it to do and more. now I hate my phone. if this is what I’m stuck with then I’m done with android.