DROID 4 Launch Rumored for Same Day as Galaxy Nexus

by: JoseNovember 25, 2011
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It seems like the list of gadgets that will lure us this holiday season is growing. The Motorola DROID 4 might be an addition to the list if Verizon will indeed push through with the December 8 release date.

There are a lot of speculations right now that the DROID 4 will have the same release date as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  A tipster has leaked information about the twin release to Droid Life:

The Galaxy Nexus is using Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich while the DROID 4 is supposed to have Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread. There will be a big chance that Motorola will be upgrading the DROID 4 to Ice Cream Sandwich. But, having the same release date as the Galaxy Nexus–which has the newest Android–will definitely put the DROID 4 in a tough position.

The DROID 4 might have a disadvantage over the Galaxy Nexus when it comes to the OS, but the DROID 4 also has some features that one can’t get from the Galaxy Nexus. There are people who prefer their smartphones to have a QWERTY keyboard, and the DROID 4 has that.  The Galaxy Nexus doesn’t.

The official specs for the DROID 4 have not been divulged by Motorola yet, but the Internet already has some leaked specs of the device. The device is said to have a 4-inch Super AMOLED Advanced display. The QWERTY keyboard is said to be a 5-row “illuminated” one. It will have a 4G LTE capability. The device will also have 2 digital cameras, a front facing one and a back facing camera which will be capable of capturing 1080p HD videos. The form factor of the device will look similar to the newly released Motorola RAZR.

If this rumor turns out to be true, will you be getting the Motorola DROID 4 instead of the Galaxy Nexus?

  • Keepinglifegrand

    Yes, I will be getting the Droid 4 instead of the Galaxy Nexus for one reason only – the qwerty keyboard.

  • Gualla

    yes i would definitely get the droid 4 over galaxy nexus,ive been waiting for the so called maserati i just hope they worked on the speaker which in my opinion is the only thing the droid 3 lacked,i hope they release it on 12/8 bcuz my blackberry tour is on its last limb,and ive been saving my NE2 for such a phone….lets get it

  • Joe_adventure

    If there is a T-Mobile version, I want it for the keyboard also. There needs to be a removable battery. these smart phones go through batteries quickly, so it MUST be replaceable so you can carry a spare.