Zynga is fattening up the cash cow: Draw Something to get big update

by: Danic FilipMarch 28, 2012


The rising giant of the casual gaming world, Zynga, has recently acquired OMGPOP, the struggling game developer behind the hugely popular Draw Something game for Android and iOS. Now, it seems that Zynga is hard at work whipping Draw Something into even better form, to ensure that the Pictionary-style game maintains its momentum.

Just days after the $180 million acquisition was announced, we found out that a huge update to Draw Something is coming, one that has the game’s legions of fans very excited. And for good reason – the upcoming features will give the game some much needed polish. If you got an email yesterday from Zynga/OMGPOP, you probably already know about these changes, but just in case you didn’t, here’s the gist of it.

Draw Something: New Features & Changes

As you probably know, Zynga is laser-focused on the social side, more precisely, on building communities around its casual game titles. So, a lot of the new features that will be added to Draw Something reflect Zynga’s social obsession, although quite a few are based on popular demand. Here are the changes:

  • Drawings can now be shared via Facebook or Twitter. This is an update that is mostly aimed at iOS users, but Android fans will welcome it as well.
  • You’ll  be able to save your drawings to your device’s photo library (a feature that was requested by many users). As of now, Draw Something doesn’t have a save option, meaning that your “masterpieces” are forever lost with each new round. Sure, you can take screenshots (which many people did), but not everyone can do this and not on every phone. The save drawing option is probably one of the best features that are being added into the game.
  • An Undo button is being added for your last brush stroke.
  • Additional words are being added (finally!)
  • Android devices will now get notifications (also a frequent fan request).
  • The max streak number will be set to 999.
  • Game speed and performance will be improved.

Like any game, Draw Something has some problems that require urgent fixing. The bug fixes will include:

  • Fixing a known bug that caused the game to crash.
  • Fixing display errors.
  • Fixing bugs that caused the bombs and coins to no longer display.

Where is Draw Something heading?

Draw Something is at the top of the Google Play Store games charts (well, Angry Birds Space took the first spot, but DS is still in top 3), holding for many weeks the first position in both free and paid app charts. The relatively small download makes the app easy to acquire and start playing. The sense of competitive play and the sharing of ideas between players really make the Draw Something experience enjoyable.

draw-something-zynga TheVerge

Zynga spent A LOT of money to buy the game from the OMGPOP, and you can be sure they want to get their money’s worth! There is no doubt that Zynga will keep improving and promoting Draw Something, but just what the future holds is uncertain. In just a few weeks, Draw Something may be a thing of the past. Or who knows – it may go on to achieve Angry Birds-level fame…

For now, lets focus on this big update that made many obsessive-compulsive scribblers so happy. What are your thoughts? Will you enjoy the game even more now?

  • And here I am thinking that OMGPOP would never collaborate or merge with Zynga but who knows what’s running inside their heads, right? I downloaded Draw Something and it was a bit disappointing because of my Wi-Fi connection at home. But other than that, it’s a great, addictive game.

  • I love games

    well before they change the game too much you can kick butt and guess any thing anyone sends you with this app All Words for Draw Something. http://bit.ly/GUeHtG I got it free and it is crazy how it guesses every word right every time.

  • Bonnythom

    Will this new update make it possible for me to have Draw Something on my Nokia N8? I really, really hope so!!!

  • Helenpettitt

    i had draw something but then deleted it when it crashed as I had done than before and simply installed again. However, it now says the app isn’t compatible with my device! (Galaxy s2)- could this be to do with the update? I want it back!

    • Jam_Badger

      The same thing just happened to me (Galaxy S2) I’m hoping its just that the updates are being rolled out right now, and it’ll be available again soon… if not, i might actually have to some work… *duh-duh-duuuuh* =P

    • Sharon Rushworth

      It works great on my Galaxy S2 – no problems at all.

    • Co_co_nutt

      Mine does the same as well on my Samsung Galaxy Y and its really annoying cuz i cant find it at all and when i tried doing it through the internet it said its not compatible :/

      • Force700000

        Same here, cant download it on my galaxy Y, now missing out on all the fun my friends are having on it, hope the new update fixes this…

  • Jnr0308

    I want this game..but I dont have it..how to download…

  • Katie_james_89

    Wont let me download it i have a samsung y.. I.dont understand why it says not compatible with your device confused my phones an android!!!

  • Katakana

    I’ve just formatted my Galaxy S2. Draw Something was fine before and now it won’t let me download it. Says it’s incompatible!! It wasn’t a week ago. Why now?

    • Sharon Rushworth

      As I have replied above, my Galaxy S2 is working fine? I have the paid version on mine and no problems up to this evening.

  • Plovick07

    Can we get notifications on the I PHones as well? Why only Androids? PLEASE DO THAT as I can have alot of games going and never know. THanks- Is there a way to use something as a stylus? I know the whole thing is that we do this with our fingertip but some of use would love that feature 0: Good Luck with making this a goal – I look forward to the changes and maybe even someconsideration to giving the I Phones an alert feature – thanks

    • sfrench

      I’m pretty sure iPhones already get game notifications for DS. Might need to check your settings somewhere.

      You can buy a smartphone/tablet compatible stylus, and it will work with Draw Something.

      Hope this helps.

    • Samevans87

      You can purchase a stylus compatible with the iPhone as I have one and it works well.

  • Gameboy

    I can’t wait for the huge update :)

  • Papa_doc88

    I have a pandigital supernoval where it only allows me to download apps from a program called Getjar, will it be available to us users also?

  • Jodoole2011

    when is the update though???

  • Shleecrawford

    I downloaded it on my pandigital super nova. When i tried to play it said i had to upgrade and download a new version. When i clicked the link, nothing happened. So closeeee.

  • Sardisgrandma

    I loved ds but screen froze & no matter how many times I reinstall still frozen. Bought the paid version but nada. Tech support non existant. It consist of a chatroom type setting for other players having problems to guess whats wrong. So glad Zynga bought it as I’ve used their support before with great resilts. Using iphone4s. Hurry Zynga I’m addicted!

  • Thingsdrawn

    Check out the best of Draw Something at http://www.thingsdrawn.com. Submit your screen shots now and laugh at the comments.

  • River62baker

    can i download draw something on my n8 nokia

  • Cat on a hot tin roof

    when will it be coming to Nokia N8? There are other smartphones other than iphones out there too!!!!

  • Bmidge

    Have been playing Draw Something for a month and twice the letters do not match up with the word that is to be drawn. This destroys the winning streak. I took a screenshot to prove that this has happened. How do I contact tech support?

  • nokian8user

    nokia n8 please!!

    • n8

      I want this on the n8 too!

  • Fantastic news. It’s a brilliant game but the Android app is in desperate need of some TLC. It’s very buggy and is missing a lot of obvious features (many listed above), and the interface could be much better.

  • Paulaxhhtx

    N8 users we should email them see what they say

    • Simolady

      I agree…

  • Simolady

    So when are Nokia N8 users going to be able to download this game??
    No one seems to be able to answer this :(

  • Martinball1984

    how long before its ready for nokia phone??

  • Shebbabe

    Android Craig Tablet please!

  • Jodaknight

    ALCATEL_one_touch_908S. Needs to be added to be able to use this game please!

  • Rossmerrie

    When can i get the app for my Super Nova pandigital that doesn’t have google play installed?

    • Bianca

      I cant get it on my pandigital either….

  • mellow42

    how do I remove a player from my “current games” screen?

  • Woanele

    When will it be available for the kyros tablet?

  • Cibele

    I hope it is compatible with the galaxy 5 with this new update

  • Daizy Steiner

    I can’t see the pictures my brother sends me on my HTC desire from his iPhone and visa versa , why is this?

  • Eyerishangel

    Getjar store does not have zynga games. Are they coming????

  • Angie J

    Game has disappeared from my phone that was in progress. Tried to log back in but won’t take password so I tried having it emailed again and that won’t work either. HELP!

  • Karlybmartin

    NEED HELP!! when i started playind draw something, i could only play random. then changed to logging on thru FB and play with friends. I continue to get nudged by past random opponents but the games arent showing up (arent there)??? How do i get them to show up again????

  • Lizbethean

    So much for improvements. The game has locked up (again) since the acquisition. Maybe it has become TOO popular and needs more space? Crossing my fingers that my stats won’t b lost when I reinstall. OMGPOP, Zynga is way over its head!!! Lol

  • Atlbj12690

    This update literally broke my phone, I have to get a new one now. Thanks.

    My phone over heated, dropped service, battery is fried all because of the update.


    • Bianca

      That has nothing to do with it stupid…

  • Andrea Miranda

    samsung young is no longer working, why?

  • My draw is frozen my turn but shows the last thing I drew but says something different. Help

  • Francisco Tapia

    i want to play this in my Samsung Galaxy MINI G-5570 pleaaaase

  • Bianca

    I cant figure out how to download on my pandigital…wtf

  • HelpMe!

    Just completed update on my Adroid and my DrawSomething now will not open!!! Please help!! I am afraid that all my colors and friends are now lost.

  • PacificClass

    Why can I only get Draw something on my S2 via email or facebook, and not phone to phone??????