If you are looking to play some of their DS favorites without having to worry about lugging around both a Nintendo DS and your Android phone (or tablet), there’s actually quite a few emulators out there that help solve this issue. One of the best on Google Play is DraStic, a powerful emulator with a wide range of supported games. And what was already good is now getting even better thanks to a new major update.

In version 2.2 of DraStic, the developer is not only bringing bug fixes and increased compatibility for tons of popular DS games, it’s also working to optimize the emulator so it works better with X86 and Tegra 2 processors.

Still not enough for you? The app is also adding support for both the Moga controller and the iCade. This means you no longer have to settle for on-screen buttons. With a split screen touch experience and a physical controller, the DraStic comes as close to the real DS experience as possible on Android. For those of us rocking Android 4.4, the app also officially supports ART, which is a nice touch.

If you’re a Nintendo and Android fan, there’s few better choices out there than DraStic. On the downside, all these features don’t come cheap — DraStic comes in at $7.99, though it does offer a demo version for those looking to try before they buy. Keep in mind that this is just an emulator, and that means you need to provide your own game data to make it work. To learn more about DraStic, you’ll want to head on over to Google Play.

Andrew Grush
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