Nexus Launcher home screen Galaxy S7 Edge

Note: To enable the swipe for Google Now gesture and stop launcher crashes when choosing a new wallpaper, you have to flash the zip file linked below via TWRP. Installing the APK works but it crashes when launching the wallpaper picker and you can’t swipe right for Google Now. You can install the wallpaper picker separately to stop the force close issue.

That didn’t take long. The new Google Nexus launcher APK is now available for download. I’ve installed it and it’s the real deal, complete with the new slide-up app drawer and Google ‘button’ for quick search and access to Google Now.

When you long press the home screen there’s a settings menu that includes a ‘Show Google app when swiping left’ option as well as options for screen rotation and adding or subtracting app suggestions at the top of the app drawer. Tapping the G button opens a quick search tray and swiping from the left edge opens Google Now.

APK: the easy method

Install the APK above. Simply enable Unknown Sources in your Security settings, install the Nexus Launcher APK (or mirror), hit home and choose Nexus Launcher. You will get all the Nexus Launcher features except swiping right for Google Now won’t work (this is because the launcher needs to be installed as a system app for that to work).

You can still access Google Now by tapping the G button once to open search and then the ‘G’ again to launch Google Now. Update: While initially attempting to open the wallpaper picker would force close the launcher, you can now install the Wallpaper Picker APK to fix the Nexus Launcher force close bug.

Google Nexus Launcher home screen to app drawer

ZIP: the better method

If you want the Nexus Launcher working like it’s supposed to though, you’ll need to flash the Nexus Launcher zip file via TWRP. This will not only enable swiping for Google Now but it will also stop the wallpaper picker from force closing the launcher. This is obviously the better method, but if you really don’t want to install a non-Google Play app, you can always use the Nova Launcher approach we shared earlier for a very similar experience. Make sure to grab the 2016 Nexus wallpapers too.

Google Nexus Launcher settings widgets and search

The file comes courtesy of Nate Benis on Google+.

Do you like the new Nexus Launcher? Better or worse than the current approach?

Kris Carlon
Kris Carlon is a Senior Editor at Android Authority. He is a half-British Australian who lives in Berlin, travels a lot and is always connected to a laptop, phone, smartwatch or tablet (and occasionally a book).
  • Fargo_Zoidberg

    On the 3rd day of Nexus Season, my true love gave to me…

    • Kris Carlon

      You have to flash the zip via TWRP for ‘swipe right for Google Now’ and wallpaper picker integration.

      • Ekansan Pikachan

        are there any other links to the file mate? The one in the article wrong show because too many purply have downloaded recently.

      • Fargo_Zoidberg


      • Brodie Yg

        In the article it states if you just download the apk and not zip the Google now would work from swiping from the left instead of right with the flash.

      • gurudev b s

        Hey Kris…can you kindly tell me how to flash the zip? does one need root access? is it safe to flash?

        I use a nexus 5 2013 – no root access…i badly need swipe left for google now

        Many thanks!!

  • Yan Qin

    I think the new launcher looks weird because of that search icon

  • Dinin

    Nova launcher customization is better than the original :)

  • Nate

    might as well just give me credit as it was my zip he leaked……

    • Kris Carlon

      Hey Nate, I just got up to speed on what went down via G+. I see the other post has been deleted and you’ve posted your zip link (which I’ve replaced in the article). Thanks for clarifying.

      • Nate

        thanks bud appreciate it :)

      • Lorinczi Thomas

        Cannot download

  • Rob Geeson

    Oneplus 3. Swipe left for Google Now not working.

    • Ekansan Pikachan

      you have to flash the zip. he said it in two or three comments btw

      • Rob Geeson

        Yup. See comments further up.

  • Joshua Dempsey

    Yep swipe left is broken across the board. Nexus 5X here, access it via tapping search box then on the Google logo

    • TheGoldenArrow

      Indeed. Moto X Pure not swiping left as well

    • megatomic

      Swipe left broken for me also. OPO running CM 13 with TWRP

  • Nathan Reeves

    Swipe left is not working for me either -S7 Edge

    • Kris Carlon

      You have to flash the zip for that to work.

      • м ч × Φ м α † ● s ı s

        question: does the zip have to be flashed apart from installing the .apk? or it includes the launcher installation so flashing it is enough without installing the .apk?.. thanks

        • daniel mendoza

          The zip includes the apk. Go to xda to learn more about basic zip flashing, then learn how to flash a rom. Or vice versa. Learn to flash a rom, a zip is easier.

          • Peter Monterubio

            I flashed the zip on my Nexus 7 LTE, did nothing, installed the apk, got the no swipe left but wallpaper selection works. Tried a bunch of sources for the zip and none get swipe left for Google now working. The zip succeeds during install. I also don’t have the rotation option in settings. Maybe it’s just different on a tablet?

          • м ч × Φ м α † ● s ı s

            Thx but I already know how to flash things from recovery for years now I’ve been rooted using custom ROMs and mods, I just wanted to know if the zip’s a standalone installer or if it’s like the Xposed framework —for which u have to install the .apk separately

        • Ankur Bedi

          Flashables are zip packed .
          Simple apk installation will not make it a system app , flashing zip which ultimately contains the apk will .

        • Freey Anonymous

          epending on your phone you have to put the zip file in sdcard , then go to recovery mode of the phone this depend with the phone but most of phone is switch off the phone then press simultaneos volume up and power button then the phone will go to recovery mode then u will see an option to flash zip file , from there you can select that option it will ask you the direction where you have put the file then select it , then you have finish flashing it select to reboot the phone then you can start to use the phone.

      • Matt Spencer

        Can you give some step by step instructions on how to install the zip please?

        • John Doe

          Step 1: flash the zip
          Step 2: enjoy

          • Felix

            A little bit more detailed please?
            Device Nexus 6P.

          • Freey Anonymous

            depending on your phone you have to put the zip file in sdcard , then go to recovery mode of the phone this depend with the phone but most of phone is switch off the phone then press simultaneos volume up and power button then the phone will go to recovery mode then u will see an option to flash zip file , from there you can select that option it will ask you the direction where you have put the file then select it , then you have finish flashing it select to reboot the phone then you can start to use the phone.

          • Felix

            Is this even possible with stock Nexus 6P not-rooted?

          • LifeWulf

            No. You need TWRP, which is a custom recovery, which requires an unlocked bootloader, which will wipe all your data.

          • Felix

            Ah okay, thank you! (y)
            Wasn’t sure if this is possible with stock recovery mode or custom rom is necessary needed.

          • LifeWulf

            A custom *ROM* is not necessarily needed, just a custom recovery.

            Different things.

      • BeerOnTap

        Can I use FlashFire to flash the zip?

    • Brodie Yg

      Same no swipe left in the apk even with the setting on.

    • Saptarshi Paul Choudhury

      Same here bro swipe left to open google now don’t work in spite of installing wallpaper picker that only fix the issue of crashing nexus launcher when we try to choose wallpaper but as I said swipe to open google now don’t work on my s7 edge too I tried many times unless you flash the zip file via twrp but for that you need to root off course

    • Working here. CM 13 on Moto X Pure. New google update also added animation to google search button. :)

    • tec gram

      Try formatting your phone

  • Keith Schwerin

    Crashes when trying to change the wallpaper

    • selw0nk

      That’s a feature. They are trying to help break your Pokemon GO addiction.

    • Brodie Yg

      Said it would in the article

      • Keith Schwerin

        Yeah, after they updated it from people complaining. Jackass.

    • Matthew J. Donnell

      Install the wallpaper .apk manually then no more crashes

      • Stickman4

        Where did you get the wallpaper.apk?

        • Ethan Campbell

          It’s in the zip. Leaked_NexusLauncher > system > WallpaperPickerGooglePrebuilt.apk

        • Ethan Campbell

          This is on my galaxy tab A 7.0

  • Paçaro

    Can’t download the zip.

    • Aakash Karmarkar

      Try connecting to internet!

  • James De Francesco

    swipe left is broken :/ . I still like the clean look – gs7edge here!

  • James De Francesco

    the “google button” in the top left corner is how a normal nexus looks or nah? -gs7edge

  • Google Now

    how i do install the zip to have google now in the left?

  • Thalles Henrique

    Cannot download via TWRP link .Exceeded quota error.

    • Lucas Albuquerque

      can confirm that, link quota exceeded

    • Kris Carlon

      Try now. I added a new link and corrected the attribution.

      • rohit sharma

        Cant donwnload quota exceeded

      • James De Francesco


      • Guilherme Germano Silva

        Not working here

      • jason turley

        keep getting error code 502

    • Thalles Henrique

      I solved the problem making it:
      1 – added the file to my Google Drive
      2 – created a copy of the file and moved to a folder
      3 – downloaded the copy

    • tec gram

      Please clear you cokkies

  • Sander Lesage

    Can you provide a mirror for the zip file please?

  • GreaterLesser

    For everyone saying “Swipe leftright for Google doesn’t work for me”, you must not have read the article all the way through did you? It clearly saying and I’m quoting: “Others have noted force closes when trying to select a new wallpaper, but flashing the zip via TWRP fixes that problem. Flashing the zip will also enable the swipe right for Google Now action.”(End Quote)

    • Rob Geeson

      Think we were all too trigger happy with the rush to download the apk that few people read it to the end!

  • Kris Smith

    Any way to remove the dock background as pictured?

  • benleonheart

    someone mirror this ffs

  • RavenAii

    Not even working on my phone. 😪

  • Mahdi.blackout

    Download quota exceeded on google drive links. Does anyone have a mirror link?

    • LANCE

      you can add it to your drive account

  • Kalpak Patel

    Can anyone please mirror the link ?

    • LANCE

      you can add the file to your drive account and download from your own

      • Kalpak Patel


        • LANCE

          crap wont parse

  • Barry Driffield

    Going to stick to Nova for the stability as multiple users are reporting issues.

  • David Monostori

    We need a mirror.

  • Izz

    The .zip link searches for a mirror then fails with no information.

  • Jelle van Houdt

    Flashed the zip but swipe for Google Now still not working

  • Bradley Uffner

    Enable Unknown Sources + Link on a Mysterious Google Drive folder = Yeah…. I’m not touching that.

    • Mijo Bažoka

      You can trust AA for downloading apks + Unknown sources are a must in any off-the-play-store app installation. Panic much?

      • Bradley Uffner

        Who’s panicking? I’m just saying that I’m not going to install it without better documentation of where it came from. Unless Android Authority ripped this directly from a factory image of Google’s themselves, I don’t trust it. They very well might have, but the story doesn’t say where it came from.

        • Mijo Bažoka

          Why do you feel the need to express your feelings in this matter if that was your sole intention? Leave the comment section to those who wish to discuss the topic at hand.

          • Bradley Uffner

            My comments were directly about the trustworthiness of the APK. Yours, however, don’t really seem to have any point at all. You seem to be really fixated on my comments though, that probably isn’t healthy.

  • Diêgo Damohill Castro Lemos

    Welp, new link for the zip also doesnt work :(

  • billy routh

    Can’t download, says to many have downloaded.

  • James De Francesco

    I downloaded the ZIP (just kept refreshing) but it still won’t swipe for Google Now? Help? – gs7edge

  • Jean BossMan Gratereaux

    Error downloading. Tried multiple times and just keep getting an error

    • James De Francesco

      keep refreshing sir….it worked eventually for me

      • Jean BossMan Gratereaux

        Refreshed and been kept refreshing. Says connection error yet I’m on full bars with Wi-Fi

        • James De Francesco

          Yeah it was giving me the same thing…..they might be using the same servers as Pokemon Go haha. eventually it just worked. sorry man, good luck!

  • Diêgo Damohill Castro Lemos

    can we get a mega mirror?

  • Bas

    Can the zip file also be fully installed using adb?

  • I wish Google would stick to material design rather than this frosted-glass iOSy thing.

  • Amit

    simple and unique.

  • josh smith

    won’t let me download

  • Debashish Goswami

    google drive link for apk not working, exceeded the number
    tried adding it to my own drie, but error says unable to do so :(

  • Lexcyn

    Flash via Flashfire and it works… but seems a bit laggy on my Nexus 5X using Android 7 DP5. I’ll wait until the final release.

  • timekiller

    I am unable to install says there is a problem parsing the package.

  • It was Posted by me due to the fact that so many people had it and were being rude and had this whole bullying mentality which wasn’t called for and shouldn’t be done to any end user! It was a rage share post I personally didn’t know it was Nate’s and at the time of the post didn’t care to check which was unprofessional on my part. Nate at no time was rude or disrespectful to users and I honestly think he has the best ROM for Nexus devices. But in no way was this directed or no intention of hurting or taking anything away from the pure Nexus developer Nate Beans

  • Udit Aggarwal

    Force close always unable to start the app
    Installed via twrp

    • Aakash Karmarkar

      Factory reset in TWRP. Then flash cm
      Along with gapps. Then flash this launcher. It works. I did the same.😏😀😀😀

      • Philipp Hilbert

        You don’t need CM, do you?

        • Nope not really. It will work on most of the devices. (CM not compulsory)

          I am not sure but you can extract both apks from the zip install it normally and then convert it to system apps or move to the directory same as that in the zip file

  • Mike Dye

    It’s so bad!!! That giant ugly G icon on the top left where you can’t even reach with one handed use. and the giant day/date that cant be removed. What in the actual f@*% is Google thingking!

  • My links are shut down with respect to Nate Beans of PN and David Wilson of TBO

  • Hamza Ali

    The launcher is really smooth weird 😕

  • Mike Az

    Will Google make this available to all within a few weeks or is this an exclusive Nexus launcher ? And thank you.

  • La_pinga_larga

    Zip works great!

  • DDD

    Can you change the position of the G though? I’d want it a big lower to where it’s easy to reach.

  • onstrike112

    I hate the idea of swipe up to get application tray. Why anyone would want to go back to the alpha stage of Android, I’ll never know.

  • Michael Okuh

    How do I uninstall this

    • Yeah, I’m also unable to uninstall.

      • Michael Okuh

        I uninstalled it with titanium backup

  • Arjun Lathi

    I flashed from twrp but it’s not working is there something else I need to do? I’m on a one plus 3 if that matters

    • bmg1001

      Flashed zip and the app doesn’t show up either. I’m on a Nexus 6P Stock Unrooted and Encrypted with DP5.

  • Guilherme Germano Silva

    I getting error status 7 in zip file

  • Shuvo H. Rakib

    First Download the mirror file and install it. thn download the zip file and extract it with what ever you want. thn go to System file>app>WallpaperPickerGooglePrebuilt>WallpaperPickerGooglePrebuilt.apk ……… just install it. problem solve..

  • Daggett Beaver |dBz|

    I’ve got to get it, install it, and use it so I can reduce my IQ by 50 points.

    • u could do that by blowing your mom again. problem solved.


    But where is that red wallpaper? Any link?

    Btw install apk separately and wallpaper picker apk from zip separately and it works fine.

  • Byfield97

    Parse error on Nexus 6

  • Nopanand Kasemsri

    Big bold G botton at the top left.for what?

    • Brodie Yg

      Opens Google now and Google search

      • Nopanand Kasemsri

        Thank you!!!

  • AnthonyRyan89

    I just downloaded it and it worked.

  • Kamal Sai

    Any way to change Icons/icon pack after flashing?

  • CJ Caing

    zip file link not working

  • PlayFriik

    How to fix the parse error? :/

  • Jamey Hebb

    No issue downloading the zip, but both times I tried to open it the message was Can’t Open. Any ideas on how to remedy this?

  • izzybrexx

    Wish u can do this without needing root

    • David

      Same here. I am not able to root my device since I have no computer to do so. I don’t know of any other way to root.

  • Luka Bulatović

    The dock kinda looks like Good Lock when screen is locked.

  • This new approach at the Nexus launcher is pretty nice, but to me it doesn’t look finished. I hope that they work on it more so it looks better and also works better. For now, I’m sticking to the Google Now launcher.

  • jason turley

    zip download link is’nt working for me

  • Shex S

    Super as icons of reduced seem so much better than the Google Now Launcher..

  • Emmet

    zip is still not working. tried it at 5:10est

  • Marty

    Zip not available. Anyone know where to get it?

  • Marty

    Nevermind. I can simply make the launcher a system file.

    Edit: That did the trick. 🙂

    • Brodie Yg


      • Marty

        You have to be rooted to do it. I just so happened to have installed the APK on one of my rooted phones. But for anyone wanting to know: Move the Nexus Launcher folder from the Data/Apps folder to the System/Apps folder with a root file manager.

  • Fluff

    Horrible, nova is much better

  • MunkiLord

    Can’t download the zip. Thanks for nothing.

  • Brodie Yg

    Apk works fine but swipe left from screen doesnt open Google now on the apk

    • Marty

      The launcher has to be installed as a system app for that to work.

  • Dezense7

    Does anyone has that white tint (frosted glass) behind your dock? If yes, where did you download the launcher or did you modified it?

  • dcdttu

    That is some gigantic DPI realness in that launcher. Good lord, it made my 6P look like it was a Jitterbug phone.

  • Marty

    Meh…gave the Nexus Launcher a quick try and went back to Action Launcher. Main reason is NL cuts down homescreen space for widgets because of the Google Search/clock widget.

  • TBO version A-1. Thanks for sharing.😎

  • Vality

    It would be nice if there would have been a video about it as I cannot find TWRP and how to flash the zip, can anybody help me?

  • Fernie

    Hey Kris, mind sharing that dope wallpaper?

  • Justin

    Is this the launcher that will be stock on Nougat?

  • Aidoboy

    Will this make it so I can’t install OTAs via FlashFire?

  • Omarrrrr

    is it just me or is the date a little bit lower than the Google now tab? it bothers me alot😑

  • James Fleckenstein

    Y’all can’t wait 3 more days?

  • Vedang Jadhav

    This does not look the original Google made launcher. Its Google Search icon on Homescreen when dragged left opened Google Now, and looks different.

  • Daniel Gherard

    Worked like a charm! Thanks!
    Installed using the Zip.
    I found a little bug when dragging app icons. On top there’s three options Remove, Info and Unnistall.
    But, you can’t read all the text. At least one of them should be on the bottom.
    Other than that, I think the G tag should be push-able and when pushed should open Google Now.

  • person

    Not recommending any caution when installing this? Have you at all verified the APK to be safe?

  • ask Nate Beans from Pure Nexus ROM he desperately wanted the credit and to leak it first he should be helping all of you since he is the source and the one fighting for first to leak lol

  • ask all those keyboard warriors to help all you with you’re issues!!!

  • Andrew Tan

    Working fine except it FC when clicking the wallpaper button.

  • Howard Stern ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Crashes for me

  • Matthew J. Donnell

    Just a heads up as I was reading through the forum I have installed the nexus laucher and wallpaper chooser no crashing. I extracted the .zip file as on S7 it’s not rooted no custom firmware and no custom recovery. Installed both the launcher .apk & wallpaperpicker.apk and it works great no flash required

    • Berkay

      Which wallpaperpicker.apk? I can’t find it

      • Matthew J. Donnell

        Extract the .zip file then look in System > App > Wallpaperpickergoogleprebuilt.apk

        • Berkay

          My phone doesn’t have an extracter T_T

          • Matthew J. Donnell

            Download one lol or a file viewer from Google Play Store

    • ttquilt

      Wow… This worked! Thanks for pointing out. 👍

  • Ste Tan

    I like it. It grows on you. I’ve had a similar setup in Nova for a while now.

  • Seamus McKenzie.

    neither works .when I try and access widgets it crashes

  • Saptarshi Paul Choudhury

    I installed nexus launcher in my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge it’s working swipe left for Google now don’t work anyone’s working swipeople left for Google now please let me know how I didn’t flash it through twrp

  • Money Mike

    I’m loving it!

  • Nandhakumar

    I need that wallpaper shown in this screenshots

  • BatDroid

    Awesome…. Thanks a lot.

  • BatDroid

    Here are my impressions : new app drawer is better. The swipe up gesture is weird and unwieldy. Google button ID okay at best. Overall I prefer the older one.

  • Reading Dragon

    Left swipe to open Google app..not working on Nexus5.

    • Gurkanwal Singh

      Also not working on Moto g4

  • Gurkanwal Singh

    Left swipe to Google Now not working on Moto g4

  • Kunal Narang

    Works like a charm when flashed through TWRP.

  • Need to improve a lot

    1. Keep stop working proper
    2. Make the transparent status bar not looks good invert color
    3. Make icon bit smaller or give customize option
    4. Google side bar not working
    5. Fix bug

  • S1NN3D

    no double tap to sleep?

  • Michaël Ligoreau

    where to get this wallpaper?

    • Ron

      Link for wallpaper please. 😁

      • Elzeron


        • Abhishek Maurya

          This wallpaper is present in Livo Light CM theme

  • Aakash Karmarkar

    The wallpapers suddenly deleated i tried reflashing but it dident work please help!

  • AliAkbar Shikari

    How to unistall the launcher? installed via twrp zip method….

  • Porucznik Borewicz

    This thing still lacks tons of functionality in comparison to some custom launchers. Not a great update.

  • Adeel Hassan

    i need this wallpaper anyone can please share the link ?

  • Oliver Joisten (R4V3N-2010)

    Copy the downloaded apk file in system/app and change the rights. Voila Google now swipe works. Oh of course you should be rooted to be able to this.

  • Jace “The Mind Sculptor” Beler

    Force closes everytime I try to go home. Installed via APK on Galaxy S4 5.0.1

  • Matteo

    I installed the .apk but it continues to crash to me.
    Sorry for my bad English but I’m Italian.

  • Hassam Tahir

    how to revert back to the old launcher version? i installed through APK

  • Rui Ribeiro

    tried on my lg g3 and its very laggy when scrolling vertically on apps and force close on widgets. i rather stick with my nova launcher

  • Ankur Bedi

    Work’s like a charm with only zip flash on Nexus 5😀

    • جمال


  • XiaoLiangSheng

    Wallpaper please :)

  • JC

    Anybody else have the date display not change on the desktop from last night to today?
    That’s the only bug I’m seeing so far.

  • Chris Bilero

    Can u please also make it available for Android KitKat 4.4?

  • LOL

    I like it, feels natural from the start (installed in easy way). Unforunatelly, I need google now, so switch back to google start — and it feels a bit worse indeed.

    • JC

      You could do what I did and just put the Google Now icon where the app launcher icon used to be. Temporarily, of course.

      • megatomic

        This is what I did, too. :)

  • James De Francesco

    do I absolutely have to root to flash this zip?! -gs7edge

  • Satongi

    Doesnt work on Tablet Z stock rom rooted.

  • Nicholas R

    Keep getting parse error when trying to install launcher APK

    • James Taylor

      To avoid the paring error use the zip file and install both apk’s seperately

  • Rocco Gallo

    everytime i try to click on widget it force closes, installed ZIP on LG G5

  • Keedxxx

    Guys, I installed the zip via TWRP but in keeps crashing. can’t even go to the homescreen. Can someone tell how can I get this removed from system files?

  • Dan Gwinn

    Is this likely to be built in to the Nexus builds (specifically shamu and razor) of the Nougat update?


    The only new here is the swipe up app draw, the new animation

  • fopoku2k2

    daily wallpaper does not work. I am seeing the same wallpaper i set two days ago. anyone has theirs working??

  • Christos Kouts

    I think i found two more bugs or at least on my phone.First, I can’t rotate my home screen , the apps rotate just fine but it doesn’t work on home screen.Second, when I change my wallpaper from the GPhoto app the navigation bar appears black even though the wallpaper is big enough to fit the whole screen. Anyone else have the same problems?

  • Prajwal Badiger

    How to fix this error… Presently using Nova launcher

  • AliAkbar Shikari

    Need that wallpaper… Anybody can post link to download.

  • Dan Middleton

    Most of this looks fine but the new homescreen folder design is god-awful. Like a round, glitched-out version of an iOS folder.

  • Jonathan Geraldi Joewono (Gary

    Better off with nova launcher workaround

  • Callum

    Is anyone having any look with the daily wallpaper feature? Can’t seem to get it to work for me, I’m using landscapes wallpapers just so you know

  • sravan kumar

    can’t install on my redmi 1s..getting “parse” error….

  • Abdullah Zafar

    Can I please get this red white and black wallpaper?

  • Abdullah Zafar

    Can I please get this red white and black wallpaper?

  • Sam B.

    Apk crashes on my LG G2… Works fine in my Nexus 7. Don’t have twrp. Can anybody help?

  • Saksham Goyal

    “There was a problem while parsing the package” i was installing the apk. i tryed to download the mirro but no prevail

  • David Winter

    Hi guys
    I have a problem… I downloaded the Google now launcher but the app drawer didn’t showed anything and…
    now,I’m having the same problem.
    Any help please.

  • Ch.Sunnith Kumar

    It isnt installing in anriod 4.3.2 jellybean ?!

  • Sam B.

    Apk force closes on my LG G2 before it even loads. Any help?

  • Walid Ess-lassi

    How can i uninstal it ?
    Please help me

  • Tech Crazi

    Please help me! Actually in my Galaxy Note 3, Nexus launcher is not working. Whenever I tries to run it, it says “Unfortunately Nexus launcher has stopped”. My device is running v5.0 and is not rooted.

    • Osama Ahmed

      Same situation. Exact phone, exact problem.

  • Michaellac

    It doesn’t appear that I can add widgets in the apk version on my LG g4

  • Kyle

    I have a Note 4, still on Lollipop thanks to AT&T.. After i install the launcher it says Unfortunately nexus launcher has stopped.. Any tips?

    • Sam B.

      I have an LG G2 also at&t on lollipop and get the same message..


    The icon appears too big in my phone. No resize option. Hence i am back to nova. Though i really liked the swipe up for the app drawer option thats cool and even the google icon.

  • Jordan

    can use this apk on my verizon moto x 2014?

  • Darshil Patel

    I cannot install the launcher and it says, “There was a problem parsing the package” what should i do?

  • Dakota Perry

    can anyone provide a step by step for flashing the zip? im pretty lost?

  • Preston Shewell

    I installed the .apk, but the launcher stops working before it even starts.

  • Anish Sohoni

    Tried installing using the apk method on my OnePlus One. It is currently running Oxgen OS 1.0. The app kept crashing! The launcher never loaded

  • DegrassiEnclave

    I’m getting force closes on the Widget Picker.

  • Djole123

    Enabling rotation and putting it in landscape mode force closes it on my phone. Does anyone have the same issue?

  • Mike O

    Is there a way to copy my layout/folders from my Now Launcher to this Nexus Launcher? It would just say a few minutes for me… Thanks.

  • Leo Freire

    Just me that think it looks ugly?

    • Amar Jawan

      It is ugly, just like GNL, the icon spacing is very poor. For GNL it can be solved with XGEL. Here, don’t know if any solution is available.

  • Jesse Fowler

    Attempting to add a widget crashes the launcher for me, any fix?

  • Overall, I like the new Nexus launcher. I installed it on my N6 running DP5 via a live booted TWRP, and all but the swiping of Google Now works. Since I use that heavily, I reverted to the old Google Now launcher for the time being.

  • Anonymous User

    Only available for devices with android 6.0 and above.. :(

    • Amar Jawan

      It is working fine with android Lollipop 5.1, while it is NOT working with Lollipop 5.0

  • How to uninstall the twrp one?

  • rubath

    Please make it compatible for jelly bean 4.2.2.This app is made to experience latest android version those who can’t so please

  • jb0nez

    Any way to do this on stock? I’ve rooted every device I own, but my Nexus 5x runs great (esp on nougat) and is rather not Muk with it for security. Ultra being on nougat already got me this launcher?

  • Andreas Unger

    Nexus 5…installed via twrp. works like a charm.

  • Tokodi Máté

    Can i flash the zip on KitKat? or the system will crash becaouse of it will not boot properly?

  • Phil Pond

    I’m only getting a 4×4 icon grid after installing the apk on an S7 Edge, but the video shows 5×5 on the same phone. Anyone know where I’m going wrong? Driving me nuts…

  • Kovac

    I can’t install the launcher! When i try to it says “There was a problem parsing the package”. I have a 4.4.4 kitkat cyanogenmod android. It said it can install on any device :(

  • andrew zavala

    How can I get google now on the left to work? even with the toggle in settings it doesnt seem to work.

  • Renaldi Dwiyaputra

    after i installed the launcher, it’s says nexus launcher has stopped working

  • Ansh

    Doesn’t not work. It shows that the app couldn’t be launched when you press the home button.

  • Giuseppe Rega

    Hi, this launcher is not working on my xiaomi redmi note 3 with MIUI 8? Why? I tried apk and zip through TWRP but does not work. Help me please.😥

  • CodyTAA

    Does not work on my phone (Gigabyte GSmart Classic). When i pull the app drawer all the apps just become invisible.

  • Sam

    how do you uninstall it?

  • KryptonKal-El

    I’m disappointed, I was hoping there was an option to hide the google search bar completely from the home screen (nexus 6) but nothing. Gonna revert back to GNL & Xposed Gel Settings.

  • Googolydox

    Lol they spelled “Nate Benis” not “Nate Beans”
    They are people at Android Authority after all…

  • Harinder Gakhal

    How do I revert back to the Google Now launcher if I flashed the zip?

  • AJ2

    Confused. Is the Nexus launcher what Nexus 5x/6p phones will have with Nougat?

  • Omar f Al-qataberi

    Is this work for kitkat

  • Shreyas

    It is showing
    ‘Unfortunately launcher 3 has stopped’
    Please help!

  • Your reply isn’t needed

    Installed via twrp works great. Don’t care for the wallpaper anyway so I passed.

  • Aufar Ramadhan

    It’s version says NMR1.
    Does that mean Android N-MaintenancRelease1
    Could be a clue that the new Pixel phones will run MR1 of Android Nougat.
    A very suspicious clue for me.

  • Alexander Singh

    Would flashing the zip void the warranty?