Download new Hangouts, Google Launcher and the Nexus 5 wallpaper (Updated: permanent Voice Search FC fix!)

by: Joe HindyOctober 31, 2013

Google Hangouts v2 Nexus 5
Today was an exciting day in the world of Android. The Nexus 5 was released and Google fanatics everywhere dropped what they were doing to buy it, talk about it, or both. The day is nearly over and if you think the excitement is dying down then guess again. Now that the initial frenzy of the Nexus 5 is over there are some truly awesome stuff coming out of the cracks.

Earlier today, Ron Amadeo began pulling things out of the Nexus 5. These include various APKs, wallpapers, etc and has posted them to the public for everyone to view, download, and install. If you’re having trouble keeping up, here’s what’s been pulled so far.

On top of all the goodies listed above, Phandroid managed to get the launcher extracted and uploaded. To use, you must download all three APKs they have listed. For many, you may run into an error where the Voice Search will force close. We have the solution for you.

  • Go into Settings, then Language & Input
  • Change the default system language to anything other than English (we used Spanish).
  • Go back to the home screen and use Voice Search to search for something in the new language (we chose the phrase “Necesito Android!”)
  • Once the search has completed successfully, go back into Language & Input and change the default language back to English.
  • profit!

With that, you should have working Voice Search along with the very attractive Google Launcher. Please note that it may take a couple of tries before it works. Unfortunately, this fix only works until you reboot your device. Once you reboot, you must perform the above steps over in order to get Voice Search to work again. It’s a little inconvenient but for a working Google Launcher, it’s well worth it.

With all these new things flying all over the place, has anyone stopped to taste the KitKat? If so and you have a moment, we’d love to hear your first impressions of the new software Google has given us in the comments below.

Update: Force closes fixed!
The amazing people over at XDA-Developers seem to have found a way to permanently fix the force close issue on the Google Launcher. The good news, it does work (we’ve tested it). The bad news is you have to have root in order to apply the fix. So if you don’t have root you’re stuck with the fix above until a fix comes along for you folks. If you have root, follow the instructions below!

  • Head to this XDA post.
  • Download the
  • Once downloaded, extract the file.
  • Move the file to /system/lib
  • Voice Search will Force Close one more time. When it’s done, it should work flawlessly.

We’ve tested this method and it seems to be working just fine even through reboots. So if you need a fix right now, here you go! (Thanks to our commentor Athy for the tip!)

  • Athy

    This post on XDA has an updated system/lib that fixes the Google Now search FCs. Extract it and replace it in the system/lib and it won’t FC anymore. even after reboots! It worked perfect for me.

    • JosephHindy

      I hope everyone who reads this article upvotes your comment bud. Thanks for the comment!

      • Athy

        No problem! Happy to help! :3

      • Peeyush Malik

        Or you can just update the article with his information and thank him.

        • Ath’daraxen

          *cough*is a girl*cough* I’ve been posting this everywhere I can trying to spread it since its such a rampant problem. That would probably get more people to see it.

          Also I made an account now. X3

          Edit: Yay! Now I can just link to this article. <3 Time to go spread the word!

        • JosephHindy

          I had to test it out first. No blogger worth his salt just posts random links that commentors leave in the article without making sure it works first ;)

          • Ath’daraxen

            Good point. X3 I’m just glad it works, Google Home is win. <3


      where is system/lib. can’t find it

      • Josh Flowers

        open a file explorer, and go to system/lib (think of it as located on C: on a computer, it’s located near the base of your file hierarchy)
        or keep hitting the ‘up’ option or ‘…’ tab in your file explorer until you reach the pertinent file hierarchy.

        • Medo Nabeel Known

          how can i copy it !!
          i’m using EA explorer , it keeps sayin copy falid !!
          help plz

    • Tyrone

      This worked for me. Now if I can get the “OK Google” function to work…

  • Jacob

    The fix is not working

  • cmbeid

    After reading posts on other blogs, I decided to try out the new Google Launcher. After doing the XDA library fix, it works great on my Nexus 7 (2012) and Galaxy Nexus.

  • iLatrell_

    is there anyway to add more pages to the Google home launcher

    • JosephHindy

      Yes, take an icon or a widget and drag it over til it creates a new page. You should be able to create unlimited pages too.

  • Christian Tolentino

    works great on my htc one international version. the desk clock app though doesn’t work.

  • akash

    Can these launcher be installed on s3 Verizon

    • Caleb Davis

      Yes. I am using the launcher on my s3 right now and it works perfectly. I absolutely love it and thanks to the Google Search fix above, everything works flawlessly for me now.

  • Mattias Jonsson

    Is there any other mirror to the hangouts app? :)

    • Cerpint

      There’s one in the comments of the g+ post.

  • Cerpint

    Any word on that new dialer? Looks amazing.

    • JosephHindy

      According to Amadeo, it’s broken and can’t be installed yet. Someone will have to mod it before it’ll work for everyone again.

  • adil qurmoshi7

    In camera app photosphere is not working

    • Eugenio Garza

      same issue with Razr HD.

  • lorenzo woodley

    I t still crashes on me I couldn’t move the file to system lib now I’m trying to root my lg so I can smh

  • K Reed

    I extracted the file but when I try to input it to /system/lib I get a fail error. And of course it closes so fast I can’t read it. Can anyone assist?

    • You need to root your device before trying to replace a system file, hope it helps :)

      • K Reed

        Thanks. I was able to figure it out. I used root browser to move the file.

        • did it work then?

          • K Reed

            Yeah it worked but before that it was really screwed. Somehow the “OK Google” command stopped working altogether. Even when I opened the program. So I did a complete system wipe and reinstalled my ROM

          • K Reed

            I even downloaded a different set of extracted files for Kitkat. Plugged the file into system/lab and its been working like a dream.

          • Whoa, too complicated, I think I’m going to wait for custom Android 4.4 ROM.

          • K Reed

            I’m sure someone else has figured out a much easier way. I went the only route I knew. I also found out that you can try downloading the Google TTS file for 4.4. Its listed on some sites.

          • K Reed

            AOSP has a custom 4.4 ROM out. I’m not sure which devices are compatible with it though

  • alby

    Thanks for the apps. You forgot to say that the new google play service is needed for some apps to work. I have not tested them all but for Google Search the new google play service is mandatory. Hope to receive my nexus 5 soon :)

  • Faiz

    Found a fix without rooting phone…
    Follow the same steps as shown in this article but in this way the okay Google command gets dissembled…
    After it gets disabled open mic+ download on the playstore
    If this helps you please go to my YouTube channel androidtechification and check it out

    • j_ee

      can’t find /system/lib on my phone.
      does it need to be rooted to access it?

  • Patch Google Now Don’t works on Razr I =(

  • pjlk

    Too bad the launcher doesnt make notification bar translucent. Also, is it just me or the launcher opens the app drawer slower like 1 second?

  • Aashish Talhar

    Launcher not working on Xperia S… Applied the fix as well…. On rooted 1.96 firmware

  • MY

    Hey folks! Thanks for your post and after downloading “” , I extract it and when I want to move it to the sysmte/lib folder, this is the mssg I get ” Conflict copying libgoogle_recongnizer_jni_l_so” Any idea why i’m getting this msg? My GS3 is rooted. Thanks in advance .

  • Julian Casio Santana King

    I thought the notification and home etc buttons would be transparent???

    • Jayfeather787

      No, you need 4.4 kit kat for that.
      Or Carbon, AOKP, or Omnirom.

  • Julian Casio Santana King

    Am I the only one disappointed By the lack of transparent buttons and notifications shade????

    • Jayfeather787

      No, you need kit kat.

    • GKumaran

      Transparency can be achieved if you have root. Install xposed frameworks, and use gravity box module. It has a tweak for transparency. Very simple !

  • Eugenio Garza

    The first solution doesn’t work on Razr HD.

  • Yehia Abdelmohsen

    It says can’t move due to system restrictions?

    • Daniel DS

      You need Root

  • rezkha

    I have “unfortunately google search has stopped “issue when trying to launch the launcher

  • Faiz
    For non rooted users follow this tutorial

  • Abdul Majid Farooqi

    Launcher doesn’t showing the apps label on the Nexus 7 home screen in landscape mod, what should I do?

  • Mohammed Naflan

    Hang out app want send sms on my phn… im usng samsung fame duos

  • lalala

    when installing velvet it says ‘there is a problem parsing the package’.any help?

  • Toh Jing Wei

    Hi joe, is the google tts compatible with touchwiz? I have juz installed the Google tts from the link above. What must I do next? Because it does not do anything when i say OK GOOGLE.

    • lalala

      u must install the launcher….i only installed the 3 files from phandroid and none of the ones above including tts.

  • Christopher

    I installed the lib file; however, I am still having the same problems. What should I do?

    • jman

      Same here (motorola atrix HD)

    • jman

      for me though the launcher doesnt even open, i just get “unfortionately google search has stopped working” before the launcher even opens. I applied the system/lib fix too, no luck. outside of the launcher google search works fine with no problems

      • jman

        i also tried the change language thing, just an fyi

  • Hilmi Er

    help me unfortunately,Google Search has stopped

  • itechaleart

    hangout is good Compares to wechat and Line…

    try this one also…

  • SK Ho

    not working on xperia sp… ok google works but launcher still crashed !

  • William Tichnor

    Hi, I have a sumsung galaxy2 tab & I think I want to root it, I don’t know enough yet, plus my tablet is only about 6 months old. But it has way too many apps I will never use. I’m completely new to all this stuff , so I ‘m just getting it working well, but my memory is too low. Where should I start?