Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 firmware leaked – build I9300XXUGMJ9

by: Ankit BanerjeeNovember 2, 2013

samsung galaxy S3 aa 4 1600

Following the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note 2, Android 4.3 firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S3 has also made its way online and is available for download, unofficially of course, courtesy of a SamMobile source.

ANdroid 4.3 Galaxy S3-2

This is the first Android 4.3 leak for the Galaxy S3, build version I9300XXUGMJ9, and while stable, is still a test build and will probably have a few bugs. According to SamMobile, some of the changes include a complete overhaul of the UI, making it similar to what can be seen on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3, with the Settings app also featuring a new tabbed interface. Unfortunately, the original launcher and widgets are still being used, and Samsung Knox, which is an expected feature with the final release, is yet to be implemented in this version. Of course, since this is a test build, features and more UI changes may be available in future leaks and the final, official release.

Android 4.3 Galaxy S3

You can download the file here, and find installation instructions from SamMobile here. SamMobile has tested this version and says that it is stable, but keep in mind that flashing custom ROMs and unofficial leaked firmware is not without its risks, and some amount of technical know-how is recommended. If you decide to go ahead, please follow the instructions exactly as stated. Also remember to back up your data before flashing, as installing this test build will wipe your device, including data on your internal SD card.

Let us know how it goes!

  • Samuel

    The link to sammobile is broken, please fix it :)

  • Rob Fetterhoff

    I should be getting mine over the air on Wednesday any way so I’ll wait. But oh man i’m excited!

    • Min

      I also hope it will become reality soon. The Galaxy S 4 T-mobile and AT&T variants still have to wait. I doubt it may come in December for the S 3.

      • bigfella35uk

        What I want to know is, does it have any of the s4 camera features like they said premium would have our do we have to wait for the final build

        • Nick Simpson

          Download the one from the Nexus 5h ttp://

          • nick

            Does this leaked update include european languages??

      • Rob Fetterhoff

        ALL i know is that it is scheduled for my phone in three days. Here’s hoping!

      • pmenn5362

        AT&T will be rolling out the update for both the S3 and S4 on 11/13. It’s kinda dumb they will be doing both devices on the same day, because that will overburden their servers and cause further delays in getting it out.

  • marycontrary

    This is great! Let’s hope they release the sources soon.

  • Azims Lives


  • MetalSaint

    Can you upload it like to another good website beside that crap hotfile ?

  • Darwin

    Is the 4.3 firmware update going to avaliable for S3 mini?

    • Jake

      Not for a few months

  • Fabian Corvalan

    Al fin !!! Pero cuando la oficial!!!!

  • Android Developer

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like the tabbed settings?
    For some reason they didn’t make it scrollable (between the tabs) as being done on the play store, and it’s annoying to switch between them to search for things that were much easier to find before.
    This time they can’t have the excuse of sliding items like on the contacts app (which allow to quickly send SMS or call someone by sliding the selected contact item), since none of the settings can be slided.

    • john

      your wrong about the tab..try to find a galaxy s4 so you can see what is it like.

      • Android Developer

        actually i’ve tried it out on the SGS4 , plus i’ve tried it on a leaked ROM of SGS3 of 4.2 .

    • MasterMuffin

      The tabbed settings are horrible, agreed!

  • c5792

    What can u say about contacts? Is it still lagging?

  • bigfella35uk

    So its just 4.3 not the premium suite I am guessing.

    • Ivanescu Mihai Daniel

      They call it Premium Suite in America. In Europe we call it scheduled update

    • Deividas Mackevicius

      In official update it will be premium suite. Now you can just test a bit of the update. It’s not final :-)

  • royjames318

    hello android authority,will i get the official OTA update of 4.3 if i am installing this rom.i am in india.

    • MasterMuffin

      No, if you install these leaked things, you won’t get OTA

  • Hernan Balderrama B.

    Link to sammobile is still broken, please fix it :)

  • Danie Elliott

    Fix SamMobile link! :)

  • aaron d

    I’m using the t999 update from xda and it’s pretty good

  • George Av

    Faster link: first come first serve

  • Maez

    I cant wait for this update i just hope theres no a lot of bugs.

  • omar

    Hello android authority I live in uae will I get the premium suite and is there a date for the update

  • Bruno Rosa // TaRuGo

    Now we want 4.4 :D

  • Vijay

    go home samsung..we r getting 4.3 before 2 months itself….NEXUS 4

  • Mataan Jaceyl

    I can’t take risks.

  • George Av
  • farooq

    Can u tell me the exact date?

  • Jason Nikolas

    help! help! help!

    I updated my SGS3 GT-I9300 to android 4.1.2 official update manually using odin. Eariler the ph was rooted and showed some softwares like SuperSU, CWM etc. but since update its not making /recieving calls ( when i try call says not registered on network and when try calling doesnt shows anything on screen) .Plz help and whats the fix.

  • guest1

    mehh who cares about ota. Ps hope they fix the damn laggy messaging / dialer taking ages to open. One thing I hate is the screen time out doesn’t dim out and if you pressyour home button to light up you will exit your app.damn

    • Masso

      Press the volume rocker gently

  • nafiz

    if i update this leak 4.3 i still can update to official 4.3 using online? setting>check for update ? pls reply

  • keat borey

    Dear sir. i have 1 problem for galaxy s3, i lost file PIT, how can i finding it to write with odin?