Doorbot doorbell notifies you when someone rings your home bell on your smartphone

by: Varun RajDecember 7, 2012

Have you ever wondered how the doorbell of the future would be like? Well if you have then not only can you see how the doorbells of the future will be like but can also buy one. Doorbot is a new project by Edison Junior that is currently seeking funding from users like you who can invest in such devices. It is a battery-operated doorbell that features a Wi-Fi connection. Doorbot provides voice call option as well as one-way video call so you can see who’s standing at your door step.

The way this doorbell called Doorbot works is pretty amazing. When someone rings the bell of your house Doorbot notifies you on your phone. You can answer the notification as a call and talk to the person standing outside. The person can also reply to your questions and you can have a normal conversation without any time barriers. If you want to see the person, you can activate Doorbot’s camera and get the video right on your smartphone. This works when you are home as well as when you are away, no matter how far.

To install Doobot at your home or office all you need to do is place it where your current doorbell is and download the free application that will be available for both Android and iOS devices.

One of the most important features of Doorbot is that it features support for Lockitron, which means if you are away from your home and someone you trust is at your doorstep you can unlock the door and let the person in with single tap of a button – convenient isn’t it?

The Lockitron support makes Doorbot super useful even when you are at home, as after confirming who is outside your home you can unlock the door of your without making much effort.

As mentioned earlier, Doorbot is currently seeking funding and is available for pre-order at Christie Street. The Doorbots will be shipped to those who have invested in this product in July 2013 provided the product has achieved the threshold required by its makers to proceed to mass production. As I am writing this post, Doorbot has received $15,346 out of $250,000 with 44 days still left.

If you want to buy one for yourself then you can by putting $169 or $319 into the project. By committing $169 you will get a Doorbot whereas with $319 you will get a Doorbot with Lockitron. How do you like the idea?

  • only problem is it can easily be stolen. the doorbell button should be separate from the camera so the camera can be installed securely.

  • A security message like, your image is out on the cloud and one button push away from the district attorney, who approved this chain of evidence. If the thieves in you neighborhood are dumber than dirt, use a cheaper camera.

  • lim

    so we should just wait for chinese companies to make much much cheaper versions of this products

  • Johnny Hilderbrands

    We have this in my apartment building works a treat :-)

  • melody

    now I can have pics of those annoying kids that harassing my doorbell lately.

    wish it also had loud horn to give some shock treatment *evileyes*

    don’t expect to work on thieves tho, we all know good thief will never press the doorbell :)