Galaxy Gear reminds Samsung to mention Android [Update: video]

by: Gary SimsSeptember 5, 2013

Galaxy-Gear-dont-forget-to-to-mention-androidThere is no doubt about it, Samsung is big but sometimes it looks like it has gotten too big for its own good. Do you remember the launch of the Galaxy S4? Samsung was full of self-praise for all the neat features that it has packed into its latest smartphone. It was oozing with joy about its TouchWiz UI and the presentation was a sight to behold with actors, pop-up stages and even an orchestra… However there was something missing, Samsung forgot to mention Android!

Was this deliberate? Does Samsung see itself bigger than the whole Android eco-system? Will Samsung try to dominate Android? Conspiracy theories abounded everywhere! But yesterday during its presentation of its new smartwatch – the Galaxy Gear – Samsung made a good attempt to set things right. In a lighthearted but dramatic moment J.K. Shin, Samsung’s head of mobile communications, introduced the new smartdevice by pretending to receive a text message which read, “Don’t forget to mention Android.”

Like the Galaxy S4 and the majority of Samsung’s other smartphones and tablets, the Galaxy Gear runs on Google’s Android operating system. An operating system and eco-system that Google gave to companies like Samsung for free. Android itself is built on Linux, which Linus Torvalds in turn gave to everyone for free. Samsung mustn’t forget on whose shoulders it is standing!

Also it seems that Samsung learnt a lesson from the Galaxy S4 event and during the Galaxy Note 3 launch it didn’t forget to mention Android either!

Update: Check the video above (via PhoneBuff) to see how it all went down!

  • technology

    Don’t be so paranoid… They only wanted to mention that the note 3 packs the latest version of android 4.3 :)

  • AS

    Jesus, couldn’t you tell it was scripted?

    • Balraj

      Maybe he got carried away lol :-P

    • technology

      It’s a SMART-watch, of course it was scripted to do so ;)

  • sandra

    what will that be

  • lol -:)

  • Cao Meo

    Did Sony mention Android introducing Z1? I guess not.

    But Samsung gets the heat because people think it’s a threat to Android. Samsung or any1 surely would want to dominate the ecosystem, but I think Android is safely under Google’s control and people trust Google.

    • Roberto Tomás

      Samsung got a bit of heat because they are also backing another free Linux-based project: Tizen.

  • Jaun Lombard

    Samsung Gear actually looks good! Worthless battery, but looks more premium than the Sony! Cannot wait for full reviews of the Samsung Gear, Note 3 and new Note 10.1

  • Bone

    That was a super-cheeky moment from Samsung, well done! :)

    They both managed to take a piss at ppl. trolling them for not mentioning Android, mentioned Android, and of course revealed the Galaxy Gear about a half an hour before the actual introduction came, all in like 5 seconds.

    Caught me off guard and LOL’d, best moment of yesterday.

  • Better not forget to mention Android…lol