In a recently published post on the company blog, Dolphin said that its Dolphin Browser, a popular mobile browser for mobile devices including Android smartphones and tablets, is the “highest performing HTML5” mobile browser out there.

The company compared its product with various other browsers, across a variety of platforms, including Opera, Chrome Beta, Firefox, Windows Phone 7.5, MeeGo, Android 4.0, BlackBerry OS 7, Bada 2.0, Nokia Belle FP1, webOS 2.2, and Android 2.3, and found it to be the better browser.

At the same time, the company announced the availability of Dolphin Engine (in Beta), “an improved webkit version with extensive canvas enhancement and behind-the-scenes technology that makes it the highest performing HTML5 browser available today.” The Dolphin Engine (in Beta) APK can be downloaded right away and installed on the Android devices you’re currently using Dolphin Browser on.

Here’s how Dolphin explained what “highest performing HTML5 browser” means:

  • 5-10X faster than the default Android browser
  • 100% faster than Chrome (at times)
  • Scored over a 450 when tested on ( is an a [sic] respected tool for testing a browser’s support of HTML5)

With a score of over 450, the highest tested, Dolphin has:

  • Full support for Web Worker
  • Full support for Web Socket
  • Full support for Web Audio
  • Support of Camera real-time video display
  • Support of Web Notification
  • Support of Web GL
  •  Support of Web application customization

Have you tested the new Dolphin Browser? Did you notice any significant improvements?

  • Manas

    i have dolphin browser hd 8.2.2 on my mobile and it shows you scored 189 while running, hows this possible, its not even half what article is talking about

  • Dolphin Browser HD v8.2.2 on my Galaxy Nexus scored 292 and 3 bonus points. Installer for the Dolphin Engine Beta is here:

  • After I installed the beta, it did indeed score 450 and 3 bonus points, however, I didn’t really notice much of a speed increase over the previous version.

  • John

    I wanna see this tested on an iphone 4s

  • AppleFUD

    The only mobile browser I’ve found that is worth anything is the BB PlayBook’s. . .. there, I said it!

    Seriously, I could actually use Google Docs desktop web app without a problem on that thing and no other browser even came close to functional — it actually worked on every html5 site I tried while every thing else failed. You have to give RIM credit for that at least. Too bad they fubared everything else on the PlayBook.

    • Yeah, I’ve heard pretty good things about that browser. It’s a shame nobody has ported it to any other OS.

  • Rickowen

    . I have the same new beta installed on an HTC EVO V 4G and it is fast, but it crashes frequently. I can’t use for an extended period of time. I have ICS (4.0.3) installed.

  • 450 and 11 bonus with Opera ‘Ice’ beta