Does an iPhone belong at a Samsung event?

by: nathanAugust 25, 2012

Image credit: 9to5mac

In the midst of all the depressing topics this week in the tech world, there is a bit of lighthearted comedy to shine a beacon on. Enter Kate Upton, tech acolyte and her equally shiny…wait, what’s that? An Apple product at a Samsung product launch?

You read correctly: Fashion model Kate Upton was at the recent Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 unveiling and made a tech faux pas. She brought her beloved iPhone with her and was not keeping it under wraps, as the header image for this story clearly shows. You would think a high-end celebrity would have tech-savvy advisers, but we can all see that’s not the case here. Sure, plenty of well-known stars have iPhones, as they are considered fashion accessories. But someone still needs to tell Kate to leave her mobile in a purse or something next time.

Chuckles aside, we’ve covered the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 since we first learned about it months ago. You can find all the news stashed here.

  • I dont blame her, she is blonde.

    But I think thats nothing out of this world!

  • jangeloracoma

    Well, unless she’s a Samsung endorser, I don’t think there’s anything particularly wrong about Kate bringing her iPhone along. Hey, maybe it’s a good sign: Samsung might be trying to convince iPhone users to switch over. :)

  • 8PAQ

    She thought Samsung made iPhones. Not a difficult mistake to make as shown by the verdict.

  • MoogleStiltzkin

    she is within her right to own whatever she wants. however is she was paid to come to the event, then yeah that would be wrong of her to do >->; In that event she would still be within her right to own an iphone, but not to flaunt it at an event for Samsung if she was paid to come to promote Samsung. At least be discrete about it lulz :P

  • leoingle

    It takes a special kinda fag to even notice there is a phone in that picture.

    • jangeloracoma

      Phone? What phone? ;)

  • Pat

    One does not simply look at the phone.

  • Lmao. She should get the Note.

  • Wonder how much she was paid by Apple for this?

  • the person who noticed that phone should get his brains checked out…