DirecTV Spreads The NFL Sunday Ticket To More Android Devices

by: Aerol BibatAugust 17, 2011
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It’s football season once again! Although a few people may dislike the sport, it’s still no doubt one of the more popular sports in America. So what does this have to do with Android?

Well, this season has a few highlights in the technology department, but the main one is the recent release by DirecTV of their NFL Sunday Ticket application to a whole set of Android devices. This includes the Motorola Xoom and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, along with Motorola’s Android phones. The press release says one thing though, while the Android Market entry says another – it seems that the app is compatible with more than those two. They include the Kyocera Echo and even the Blackberry Playbook using its Android player.

So what exactly does the Sunday Ticket App give you access to?

Well, the Sunday Ticket, for one. The DirecTV service is now coming directly to your Android device – which will let you watch your favorite teams pretty much anywhere. This is a big boon for those who don’t have DirecTV access and a definite attraction for many who just don’t want to be stuck inside their living rooms when they need to watch the game.

Additional features include access to the NFL’s Fantasy Football app integrated with your viewing – yup, you can see the stats change in real-time on any of your devices and even your TV. Also included is the Mix Channel for late afternoon games which lets you pick and choose which games to watch.

So what do you need to get all of this? Be a NFL Sunday Ticket subscriber, and pay a 50 dollar streaming charge. Which is a whole lot cheaper than season tickets. Better check the app out and see if your device can handle all that gridiron action.

Source: Android Central

  • Adam

    An app that gives me access to streaming games is pretty cool. I don’t know about paying $50 just to do that thought. I understand that the Sunday Ticket is about $340. So that s almost $400 on top of some of the highest monthly fees in TV? That’s a lot of money in the effort to watch a few football games on my phone. I have a free app that lets me stream all of my TV channels to my phone or tablet. That includes all of my sports channels like the NFL Redzone and ESPN. I can even use it to watch and control my DVR recordings so I never miss any games. It’s called the DISH Remote access app. It connects to my Sling Adapter from my TV provider and employer DISH Network. I use this app all the time. What happens to the Sunday Ticket to Go app in the post season when all the games are on regular TV anyways?