DigiTimes: The second generation Nexus 7 will be ASUS made, launch in May

by: ŠtefanJanuary 28, 2013

DigiTimes, the Taiwanese supply chain website that journalists love to hate and news junkies love to read, has just published one hell of a juicy rumor. They say that Google is working with ASUS on the sequel to the Nexus 7 and that said device will be announced in May. It’s going to have a “Full HD display”, which we’re going to assume means 1920 x 1080, and it’s also going to be thinner and have smaller bezels. Best of all, this new model is going to be priced exactly the same as the old model, so you should expect to see prices ranging from $199 to $249.

What’s it going to run? The article says an upgraded version of Jelly Bean, which makes us believe that means Google is going to show off one more point release of JB before announcing Key Lime Pie. Remember, Google is going to host their annual I/O event in May this year, so that’s probably going to be the time this Nexus 7 sequel gets announced.

When are we going to see Key Lime Pie then? Knowing Google, they’re likely saving that for the fall, along with a new Nexus phone. Said phone will be the first device to run Key Lime Pie, and we’re hoping that whoever was lucky enough to score the contract for the next Nexus actually ends up making enough to feed demand.

Back to the tablet, does this mean you should hold off from buying yourself a tablet today? That’s a hard thing to say. No one really needs a tablet, it’s still considered a luxury device in many circles, so if you can wait two quarters, then why not? It’s not going to be the end of the world. You might even see something next month at Mobile World Congress that you’d rather buy instead.

  • sometimes i confuse with this nexus or google phone x… which is key lime king… will google x phone will change android game field, and make other manufacturer sad? what the phone x purpose anyway… if there a nexus

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      What in god’s name are you trying to say?

      • I think he is saying:
        He sometimes confuses this nexus with the Google phone x, which is the key lime king. Will the Google phone x change the android playing field, and will it upset other manufacturers? What is the point of the Google phone x since we already have nexus devices?

        I think that is what he was trying to say.

      • Justin Winker

        Spit it out already. Lol.

  • Randy Sylmar

    Hopefully by May Jelly Bean is in full working order. Google seems to be having a hard time fixing bugs but they don’t have a hard time shooting out an unstable OS update. Also, if this doesn’t run the newest tegra 4 there is no way it’ll be able to handle a 1080 HD screen.

  • masterdebater

    …still be Asus-made.

  • And it will be the Nexus 8 with 8″ screen?

    • yay

      I feel cheated if it is. 8″ screen is my sweet spot for tablets :/

      • But it make sense to me… The Nexus 7 have too many bezels. They can make the bezels thinner, gain 1″, maintain the size, and keep the track of the product name…

        The Nexus 7 is beautiful. But I think that have a lot of room for a bigger screen in it.

        But what I know…

        The trend now is bigger phones and, smaller tablets. Maybe they make the Nexus 5 Tablet and the Nexus 6 Phone this year… O_o

  • Justin Winker

    Definitely excited about this next round of Nexus devices… I purchased the previous generation N7 and was very pleased with it. I then purchased another and gave both to my niece and nephew (but of course, thats when I bought the N10 and N4). And now I’m going to get another N7 – can’t wait :)

  • cycad007

    There’s only a handful of OEMs that Google should trust & partner with to build Nexus devices….ASUS is one of them.

    • damastermind

      Nope. The Nexus 7 was plague by shortages and defective devices in the first month. I know some people had to get their Nexus replace 4 times because of a screen sepration issue.

      • HellG

        “in the first month” exactly even iphones had problem in their first month of production, shit happens but what matters is this, did the problem keep happening later? NOPE that’s what separates a good company from a crappy company

        • Justin

          Unfortunately the Nexus 7 is still plagued with crappy build quality to this very day.

    • null

      That’s not because Asus is trustworthy.
      It’s because Asus is too small of a player to do anything against Google’s wishes.
      Google doesn’t like what Asus does, Asus is cut. End of story.

  • HellG

    “that means Google is going to show off one more point release of JB before announcing Key Lime Pie”
    No no no no, why god why :'(((((

  • So, if this is correct, and we only see an updated Jelly Bean “4.3” in May, when will Android 5.0 launch? Also, why the extra delay, I suspect 5.0 will introduce some big changes!, maybe Chrome OS and Android will merge, that would be awesome.

  • Why are people so impatient for KLP? It makes me sick how people find the idea of having to wait a few months so terrible. Updates are expected earlier and faster with less bugs then before. use and enjoy the software you have and stop wishing for whats coming. Thats a life lesson across the board.

  • Luxury? Not mine. I’d be lost without it!

  • BrainOfSweden

    This was expected. No word on SoC? I’m hoping for Tegra 4 or similar, I won’t buy it at that price if the specs are the same as the old model that’ll drop in price when this is released. And please, give us HDMI or Miracast on this one.

  • Alu Zeros

    Nice, but why not wait till the fall for release to avoid further fragmentation.

  • it’s obvious that it will have the shit called Tegra..

  • Damn, I just bought Nexus 7. :)

  • John Casew

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    John David case junior

  • companyemails

    I guess this summer, my kid will be inheriting my current N7 and I will be getting the new one.

    • Shadreen

      You are such a nice person. Pun intended.

      • companyemails

        That wasn’t a pun.

  • onemiddleground

    Can someone please tell me why Google bought Motorola if it’s still not using it for it’s next generation phone and tablets ?

    • Oluwasayo

      If they do that, they’ll scare other manufacturers off the droid platform.

  • Glen Yerkey

    That was Google mistake on the nexus 4 demand issue. They had no idea they were going to sell 10 times more than projected.

  • Roberto Tomás

    any word on the gpu? at this point I think any cpu is likely to be sufficient, its all about the gpu.

  • abdulhadi

    hope they use tegra 4

  • Michael Webber

    A much improved screen makes it worth the wait for me. I purchased a first-run 16gb, which a friend visiting from overseas took home, then an 8gb. While music streams fine, I would rather have more gb so I can store some music locally, and next time I want cellular data, I think I’m ready to bite the bullet on a data plan. HOWEVER if Apple got its act together and did three things – Retina on mini, lower “memory premium,” lower “cellular premium” – I’d jump ship in an instant, despite the “Apple premium”, just for the sake of FaceTime. Too many of my friends and family have iPhones/iPads and FaceTime is really, really good. (I tried to get my friends to try Google Hangouts on Google+, but I couldn’t even show them how to search for, and add me, using my email address – they could only search by my name, which popped up too many dupes. What’s up with that Google?)