A big part of Samsung’s marketing campaigns for the Galaxy Note and Note 2 has focus on how one can explore his creative and expressive side with the phablets’ S Pens, but for most of us that was limited to quickly scribbling notes on the go and having an edge in Draw Something.

For a real artist however we suspected that the GNote 2, with its much more responsive, accurate and capable S Pen, would prove to be a goldmine. Well, I’m here to tell you that we had no clue!

Gérémy Arène is described by French website PhonAndroid as a “génie du stylet” (stylus genius), and, as you’ll be able to notice from the video below, that is no exaggeration. What Arène has done in about two and a half hours (or 9 fast-forwarded minutes) with just a Note 2, an S Pen and the Sketchbook Mobile app is simply astounding.

We can’t say that the artist’s portraying of a Volturi from the popular Twilight saga is exactly this century’s Mona Lisa, but this kind of thing can definitely open the eyes of some of you that didn’t see the point of gadgets with stylus pens anymore.

It also shows us how much of a progress have today’s high-end phones made in order to break through the age-old borders between technology and art. Lastly, I personally can’t help being frustrated about being “blessed” by nature with two left hands and the inability to attend art classes with more than a fervent desire to play hangman with my deskmate.

How about you? Have you ever tried something like this on your Note or Note 2? Are you going to now?


  • columbia

    As an artist, the Galaxy Note 2 was a dream come true for me. Now I’m just waiting for it to purchase the damn thing.

  • This is really awesome…

  • alien_x


  • Stian French

    Hey Apple, can you do that on an iPhone?

  • Chanq

    Actually you can, there are movies this has been done with ipad and iphone, not that i am a fanboy, i traded my iphone for a s3

  • DingusKahn

    WOW is right. What talent.

  • Already working on learning new ways to use the “artistic” options on this device. I can honestly say that this is simply the most amazing phone I have ever had.