Did Samsung admit Verizon might carry the Galaxy Note soon?

by: AdrianAugust 14, 2012
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Although it is (still) USA’s number one mobile carrier, Verizon missed out on a couple of major opportunities recently to consolidate its leadership position. Most customers might have overlooked the delayed coming of the Galaxy S3 on Big Red, but the Galaxy Note’s complete absence clearly enraged a few users.

The surprisingly successful Sammy “phablet” had AT&T exclusivity for a while, which at first gave Verizon an excuse, but even when it could have hit other US carriers, it only came to T-Mobile. Meanwhile, Big Red kept its head in the sand and refused to comment on the likeliness of  an eventual Note release.

But when an angry Facebook user decided to confront Samsung in a not-so-friendly tone about the issue, an official and surprising response came to puzzle us even more. According to the company’s USA support page, there’s no news to announce just yet, but more info will be posted when Sammy will have it.

That might sound like typical PR speak for “forget about it, the device is never coming”, but at the same time it’s not impossible for Samsung to be hinting towards something else. I mean, they could have just said “we’re sorry for the inconvenience and we have no news to report”. Better yet, they could have ignored Phillip Williams, as they have done with other users speaking their minds on the same issue.

So should we expect Verizon to release a first-edition Galaxy Note anytime soon? Probably not, as that’s old news. But could Big Red launch its own branded version of the Galaxy Note 2? Possibly, especially that we’re guessing Samsung won’t be quick to give exclusivity rights to any carrier this time around.

At the same time, we shouldn’t read too much into Samsung’s FB post, as there’s a good possibility it came from a not well-versed PR officer who simply tried to be polite and didn’t choose the best possible wording for its response. That’s also a plausible explanation, especially given that we’ve seen reports and rumors that Verizon has no interest in Samsung’s phablets. Big Red, apparently, will instead try to counteract with an exclusive phone-tablet hybrid from HTC.

What do you guys think? Could Verizon be thinking of carrying the Note 2? Or maybe the first-edition Note? Or does a Big Red-bound HTC phablet sound more credible?


  • It would be a wise move on Verizon’s part to carry Samsung Galaxy Note II.

    • David

      I would have to agree, would be a good move for them… I have many HTC devices but note 2 would be the best choice over the htc (whatever they are gonna call it)

  • RandyinWV

    I think that Verizon has been burned by the uproar over the 4G issues with the Nexus and Samsung’s refusal to recognize that it is a hardware problem. I was burned by a bad S3 AND a bad Nexus. If HTC can produce a similar product with fewer bugs and better quality control that would be my preference.

    • Ravikiran R

      What were your issues with s 3 or nexus. Am planning to switch . Opls let me know

  • Paul

    I really hope they pick up the ball on this one. I like VZW, and have been a satisfied customer for over ten years. If they don’t get the sammy phab. I will def. Jump on over to AT&T.

  • Mad customer

    verizon get samsung note 2 this all a bunch of bs. Y do they take the customer through all this and y do we take. Like there in charge. But we have the money and its our choice to buy or not to buy. I’m not gonna lie I want the note 1 and now not to know if Verizon will get the note 2 really has me P O. So forget about Verizon, Samsung, Apple and all the other carriers. All I can say is KMA.

  • Heath

    I had a conversation with Verizon online support last week the day before the Galaxy Note 2 was announced and she confirmed that it would be released with the Verizon Network… The end of the conversation gets a little silly but its because I was excited!

  • Joey

    No way Verizon will ever carry the note 2. It needs HTC and Motorola to market with them. The Notes solely owned by AT&T.

  • boe_d

    Seems pretty well established at this point Verizon does not intend to get the Note 2 or even a close facsimilie. They plan on carrying a bulky HTC phone and a really unpleasant LG phone but no note 2.