Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to Run on Galaxy Nexus…and What Else?

by: Alvin YbañezOctober 18, 2011
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) is about to come out of its wrapper tomorrow in Hong Kong, along with the very first Android handset, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Nexus Prime), that will use it as operating system.  But, besides the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, what other devices will be among the first to get upgrades to Ice Cream Sandwich?A very likely candidate is the Motorola XOOM, and if so, it will be the very first tablet to get bumped up to Ice Cream Sandwich.

Xoom Canada Release DateThe Android tablet is a likely candidate for several reasons.  First, it was the first Android tablet to sport Android 3.0 Honeycomb long before any other Android tablet did.  Google debuted Honeycomb with the Motorola XOOM.

Second, Google has just recently bought Motorola Mobility, which, in many people’s eyes, makes Motorola Android devices likely to be first in line, or at least among those first in line, for Android updates.

That second reason also seems to open the possibility of the upcoming Motorola DROID RAZR (Motorola DROID HD, Motorola Spyder) as another likely candidate for an Ice Cream Sandwich update.  That is, if ICS is not yet on the device when the DROID RAZR hits store shelves.

What about the other recent DROID from Motorola?  The LTE-capable Motorola DROID Bionic is also a potential frontliner for ICS updates not only because Google has acquired Motorola but also because the DROID Bionic is still fresh and just recently launched.  It would be wise for Motorola to gain back a lot of public affection if this Gingerbread device gets some ICS love, as some sort of peace offering for making the public wait for so long.
The upcoming HTC Rezound (HTC Vigor) may also get some ICS love, as probably will the HTC Sensation XL.

Leaked pictures of the upcoming HTC Vigor

Other Android smartphones that are also likely to get ICS updates include the LG Revolution 2, and probably even the Samsung Galaxy S II.  Though, owners of these devices will probably wait a bit before they can taste Ice Cream Sandwich on their handsets.

ASUS’s Eee Pad Transformers–both 1 and 2–may also receive ICS.   Samsung’s tablets, too, especially the Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been more or less “confirmed” to get ICS updates in the future.  As a matter of fact, the chances of the more recent Android tablets’ getting ICS updates is rather high.

Sony’s and Lenovo’s tablets, however, may get ICS somewhat late, since several of these devices have custom features and user interfaces.

Is your Android device on the list?  If not, we’ll find out soon enough whether Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is heading your way.

  • Bigdogg

    What about the Nexus S ?. Aren’t the Google phones first in line ?

    • jm

      Exactly. How does this list not include the Nexus S/One? They’ll be next in line after the Galaxy Nexus and Xoom.

  • Considering my current phone is the HTC Droid Eris, there’s a 0% chance it will get an official ICS…

    • Dylansilliphant

      I just upgraded from the droid eris to the droid bionic….best decision ever

      • Msvicki73

        Me too.. eris to bionic.. I love my bionic but it better get ICS or ill be seriously upset

  • Ion

    The Neura tablet from Evolio will get the ics update immediatly after its official launch according to Evolio officials.

  • carl

    Why does not google do like Apple does

    Make it available, every one can download it

    Why should people be concerned about each single phone ?

    • AppleFUD

      I agree. It seems like Google just does NOT want to support all the devices–like MS does with PC’s. They just want to support their one device every year and leave it to OEM’s. . .

      This really is the one thing I hate about Android and why I hope RIM really does something special with QNX.

      However, as I always suggest. . . if you are buying and Android device ONLY buy the “Google experience” device. Otherwise you are buying an OEM locked down device that may never get updates due to the OEM and/or carrier. . . total BS!

      • Araque Rafael

        Well dude my guess is this, same as apple takes their ti me updatingb the verizon iphone 4 which is exactly the same hardware, but CDm a, imagine what it must be like for developers at Google working with millions of diferent drivers from all the variants, and have the run on the same OS without issues, and avoiding issues created by the hw vendors, a and being careful that the blame isn’t on you but on the vendor

    • Junk_box9

      Because unlike Apple iPhone’s (and Mac’s), Android phones, Like PC’s, have a lot of variants of hardware and necessary drivers. The advantage of Android is like the Advantage of Linux, where you have all sorts of choices on phones, rather than ‘just iPhone’. The disadvantage, just as with the variants of Linux, is that each one is different, whereas, each distribution of Linux “is NOT the same”, which is why Linux will never take off like Windows (And, I’m a Linux Fan…). Each Android phone is different, so it’s up to the phone manufacturer’s/developers to make each version of Android work on their hardware. The only other alternative is a custom ROM that someone from the community has been able to make work on a specific phone and it’s not always an easy task.

      I hope that answers the question. Don’t want to sound like a know it all, so that is the basics of what is happening and I welcome anyone else’s point of view on my reply as ‘constructive criticism’ on any of my above comments. :)


    • ANON

      Apple only have 1 phone to update
      Google have a lot more in fact over 50% of the smartphone market

  • rom3o

    I’m not gonna change my phone every time a new android comes out we need more from them cuz we paid their salary. I have the Motorola Atrix and i love android but if i don’t get this update from motorola I’m gonna leave android and get and iPhone at least they don’t forget their phones. even the iPhone 3gs got the new IOS too sadd

  • Kinchas

    Where to start…..If you limit your mobile OS development by making it backward compatible with ancient (the reality of smartphone hardware) models of smart phones (iPhone 3gs is a perfect example)…you end up with the kind of update Apple just foisted on the fanbois. Android has caught up with and exceeded Apple technologically….by developing Android OS to take advantage of the best hardware out there. The Google approach is the best for the consumer….when my Droid X craps out and I have to buy a new phone….do I want to have buy an iPhone 4s that is 3 months from the end of its life. Or do I want the choice of buying the most cutting edge phone available…..right NOW.

    As far as phones being updated to the latest Android OS release. I bet more than 50% of most smartphone users…of any brand…could care less about the version of their OS. If having your phone updated to the latest Android OS version is important to you…buy and premium Android device from Motorola or HTC. My Droid X was one of the first phones to get the Gingerbread update.

    • Anonymous

      i’d wager its way more than 50%. Most people arent gadget nerds like us. The majority of people (I’d guess as high as 85-90% and possibly higher) don’t even know or care what firmware is.

  • Anonymous

    You forgot the Nexus S 4g

  • Bigcatnap

    does ice cream sandwich run on a d
    roid X?

  • really Galaxy Tab 10.1 will get this update?

  • Gopalksingh

    i m using glaxy tab 8.9 ..can i get ics updta in future…or not