Owners of the Dell Venue 7 and Dell Venue 8 will be happy to know that Android 4.3 has now started rolling out to most Venue owners!

So what’s new here? Although the update’s primary focus is new Android 4.3 features like restricted profiles, there are a few noticeable Dell specific changes as well. A full change-log has yet to be released, but I’ve personally updated my daughter’s Dell Venue 8 and found that not only has the camera received a few improvements when it comes to focus and picture quality, but the entire OS and even the touchscreen seem to be more responsive.

While the Dell Venue 7 and 8 are extremely close to providing a pure Android experience with very little manufacturer bloat, Dell’s latest tablets have been known to have a few annoying bugs that affect general responsiveness — so it’s good to see that Dell is addressing this. Now all Dell needs to do is hurry up and push out KitKat (one can dream at least)!

You should receive some kind of notification telling you that an upgrade is ready for your Venue tablet, but when in doubt, you can always check manually for the update under settings.

For other Venue owners that have updated to Android 4.3, did you notice any other improvements? Run into any problems with the update, or performance issues after upgrading? Let us know in the comments!

Andrew Grush
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  • jkwalter2000

    And does anyone know of a good way to root this tablet

    • Cast

      Root coming soon. Verified for venue 8 being set up for venue 7 before being released. Also 4.3 allows multi user support.

      • jkwalter2000

        Great, I want to get a custom mod too

  • synapticflow

    Updated and now some apps don’t work. So sad.

  • JeffJeff

    I updated my venue 8 about a week ago. All went well and is running great. I wish the battery life were a bit better, but I do like the tablet. Now waiting for KitKat……

  • John

    The newer 4.3 update for the Venue 7.. Broke Exchange/Hotmail/MSN Push mail…
    Tried resetting and restoring it, but nothing seems to get it to work, when it used to be able to use the autoconfiguration of the Google native Email client (not gmail)

  • John

    Also some apps will initially work on startup with the new 4.3, but the touchscreen will stop responding and not come back…(Dell Venue 7)

  • synapticflow

    I also began having micro sd reader issues after the update. I exhanged my Venue 8 for another one and I will stay on Android 4.22

    I disabled the update notifications so I won’t accidentally this new tablet.

  • micmart3000

    This upgrade to 4.3 is a complete NIGHTMARE. What are the benifits of 4.3? I don’t know because none if my apps work anymore. Everything worked fine with 4.2. THANKS DELL way to perform a quality check before release!! If this issue is not fixed soon I will never buy another Dell product again.

  • Denis McCarthy

    still not getting the update on either of my two Dell Venue 7’s. Not sure what the deal is.

  • rahul

    Today(16th march,2014) I have received an anonymous update of 350.9mb guessing it could be kitkat it is still downloading I will post on my Google+ wall what it is

  • rahul

    I have a dell venue 7 currently on android 4.3