Dell to release a China-only mini3i Android phone after all

August 11, 2009

dell_androidMobile Crunch has discovered a Chinese site that appears to have an official announcement of the release of Dell’s mini3i Android-powered smartphone.

The article (in Chinese) indicates that the Dell phone will be released through China Mobile under the OPhone category. ¬†This is not to be mistaken with the Lenovo OPhone that we had previously reported on. ¬†Apparently China Mobile intends on using the term “OPhone” as an umbrella word for all Android devices that it will release. ¬†All China Mobile “OPhones” will be required to support the Chinese homegrown 3G TD-SCDMA standard, which has shown relatively slow adoption.

[Editor’s note.¬† Mobile Crunch’s source site,, is not an official Dell or China Mobile website.¬† Though it does looks like a press release, this is still a bit speculative at the moment.¬† If anybody that reads Chinese would like to take a look at the page and describe its contents for us in the comments, that would be great.]


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