The folks at Zumo Blog have recently obtained more information about Dell’s Mini 3iX Android device and, shockingly, Dell is planning to omit the Android Market from the phone.  Instead, Director of retail for Dell Latin America, Scott Schillington, has confirmed that they are opting to allow for direct downloads from developers and integration of their own version of an application store.  The 3iX will be sold in Brazil before it launches in the U.S. so we should get to see the consumer reaction to Dell’s decision before U.S. customers take the plunge.

Dells Mini 3iX

This phone  passed the FCC about a month ago and is slated for an early 2010 release on AT&T’s network.  It will be a 3G device with Wi-Fi, a 3 megapixel camera with autofocus, flash, and video capture, support for up to 32gb microSD cards, and a large 3.5 inch capacitive touchscreen – among other things.  There are no physical buttons on the face of the device and it seems to have an iPhone look to it.  A stripped down version excluding 3G and Wi-Fi was launched on China Mobile’s OPhone platform last week.  Head over to Zumo Blog for more pictures from all angles.

  • just some dude

    it look nice specs are good, but boy i get the feeling this is not going to do well for dell. its weird i cant put my finger on it.

  • Sean Hodges

    Why is that shocking? Archos have done this too. The nature of Android is to provide your own infrastructure on top of the platform.

    I think it’s great that Dell are nurturing the “free market” aspect of Android, instead of helping to perpetuate the myth that the Google Android Market is Android’s definitive answer to the Apple AppStore…

  • The shocking aspect of it to me is the fact that Dell hasn’t even dipped a toe into a mobile market yet they want to dive head first with their first device. I understand your point but look at RIM, Palm and even MS, their markets are pretty pathetic right now, and they have all been in the phone industry for awhile. Also, what benefit are they giving consumers by introducing 2 ways to get apps to your phone when there is a pretty good (arguable I know) built in marketplace already there?

  • Daniel

    I have bought this cellphone, i live in Mexico and my GSM provider is Telcel, well i tough having a cell phone with android it would be so awsome but then i realize it has really bad stuff:

    1. It doesn’t have any google app like market, maps, etc.
    2. Almost all the apps for android, can only be downloaded on the market app.
    3. The android based version it’s 1.5 and there’s no update to a further version so forget about new and cool apps
    4. The Os that comes with this cell is the same as the one in china mobile, OPhone has cool interface (android based) but too limited on the personalization, so u can’t change the theme unless u download one that is compatible wich takes me to the next point.
    5. The android version is 1.5, it means only works with a few apps that support android 1.5, means no cool wallpapers or widgets or games.
    6. Telcel putted an ugly theme and useless apps that u can’t change or uninstall

    other than that i think it has a really good hardware (for it’s price), the capacitive screen, the wifi and processor. works quite well, except for the speaker that sounds distorted at high volume (maybe it could be fixed with new acoustics i don’t know).

    anyways i’m just waiting for a new unofficial firmware update so i can get rid of the OPhone OS and get a clean cool updated Android System :)