Dell joins the Chrome OS club with Chromebook 11

by: Bogdan PetrovanDecember 11, 2013

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The fact that, one by one, big PC manufacturers are launching Chromebooks means one thing – people like getting scroogled more than Microsoft would like to admit.

Dell is the latest in the club, with a device creatively dubbed Chromebook 11, aimed squarely at the lucrative education market. As you probably guessed by now, Dell’s first Chromebook features an 11.6-inch display of 1366×768 resolution and “exceptional viewing angles”, powered by an Intel HD graphics card and a 1.4GHz Celeron processor. The set up should be good for an impressive 10-hour battery life, which puts Dell’s Chromebook 11 among the best in the class.

The device packs 16GB of storage and comes in two variants, with 2GB or 4GB of RAM. The design is nothing to write home about, although the laptop’s no brick either, at 2.9 pounds in weight and less than inch in width.

In the official press release, Dell emphasizes the utility of the Chromebook 11 in schools of all levels, for students, teachers, and administrators. The PC-making giant will back the hardware with its own solutions for education, including administration tools and cloud apps.

The Chromebook 11 may be meant for education, but there will be nothing to stop you from purchasing it from, if you live in the United States or the UK. The 4GB model will become available in January 2014, while the release interval for the 2GB model is Q1 2014. Dell didn’t break down the prices for the two options, but said you should be able to get it for less than $300.

Show Press Release

Dell Chromebook 11 Gives Students and Teachers Affordable, Easy Access to Technology at School and Home

  • Addition of Chromebook to Dell’s end-to-end education ecosystem marries Google Apps for Education with Dell resources, services and support
  • A cloud-based management console allows IT administrators to centralize configuration, tracking, security and management of devices across an entire school or district

 today announced the expansion of its robust portfolio of next generation learning solutions with the Dell Chromebook 11, an affordable and highly-portable Chromebook designed to facilitate integration of technology in the classroom for teachers, students and administrators. Wrapping into Dell’s end-to-end education portfolio, the Dell Chromebook 11 is a laptop that is fast, secure and allows easy-to-manage access to applications and content.

The Dell Chromebook 11 joins Dell’s next generation learning solutions that deliver an optimal combination of platforms, education content and secure IT efficiency that schools and universities are seeking to personalize the learning experience and improve student outcomes.

With presence in over 400,000 classrooms around the world, Dell is a leading end-to-end IT solutions provider in education, collaborating with K-12 school districts and higher education institutions to deploy technologies that lead to innovation in learning, simplified management and reduced costs.

“Dell believes that when implemented successfully, teachers, students and technology work together to enrich the learning process,” said Neil Hand, vice president, Tablet and Performance PC Group, Dell. “The Dell Chromebook 11 will give schools and districts another tool to consider as they plan their digital content and curriculum strategies, and its competitive pricing will help open access to technology for more students around the country.”

“Dell is no stranger to designing and building great computers, particularly in education,” said Caesar Sengupta, vice president of product management, Google. “Adding Dell’s first Chromebook to our stable of devices built for the classroom is a big milestone, and Dell has been a great partner in this effort. The Dell Chromebook 11 with Google Apps for Education will bring exciting new possibilities for learning and collaboration inside and outside the classroom.”

Exceptional Manageability and Security
The Dell Chromebook 11 features exceptional manageability and security with an easy to use web-based console that enables centralized configuration and tracking. The management console allows IT administrators and teachers to quickly push or remove applications and enforce safe browsing practices across all Chromebooks in a school’s network or in a specific learning environment. Automated updates and “defense in depth” security features like sandboxing, verified boot, data encryption and easy recovery block or avoid malware, viruses and data loss, saving significant time on maintenance and troubleshooting so that educators can focus on student success.

Combining Slim Design with Essential Performance
With its slim design and high performance, the Dell Chromebook 11 features 4th Generation Intel® Celeron ® 2955U processor, 11.6-inch screen, up to 10-hours of battery life[i] and 16GB[ii] embedded Solid State Drive to facilitate a fast boot-time of under 8.4 seconds[iii]. The Dell Chromebook 11 will be available in two models, one which includes 4GB[iv] of internal DDR3 RAM, and the other which includes 2GBiv of RAM. This provides options for the education ecosystem, allowing students, teachers and administrators to access, create and collaborate throughout the day at a price point that makes widespread student computing initiatives affordable.

Tools for Collaborative Learning
The Dell Chromebook 11 features an 11.6-inch, edge-to-edge glass screen that produces exceptional viewing clarity at a maximum resolution of 1366×768 and is powered by Intel HD Graphics. The high-performing display coupled with a front-facing 720p webcam creates exciting opportunities for collaborative learning in a variety of learning environments. With Dell’s 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, students can easily and quickly connect to wireless networks. The Dell Chromebook 11 is less than one inch in height and starts at 2.9lbs, making it highly portable. With two USB 3.0 ports, Bluetooth 4.0 and an HDMI port, students and educators have endless possibilities for collaborating, creating, consuming and displaying content. With battery life of up to 10-hoursi, the Chromebook is capable of powering student learning throughout the day.

Access Content and Applications Anytime, Anywhere
With the addition of the Dell Wyse PocketCloudTM application, Dell Chromebook 11 users have access to content and applications across a “personal cloud” of devices. Students and teachers can access, edit, save and share their digital assets such as presentations, documents, photos and videos regardless of where the original documents are located. PocketCloud works across mobile devices, tablets, PCs, laptops and Chromebooks. It is tightly integrated with the Google ecosystem and leverages the Google infrastructure effectively to authenticate, discover and access users’ content and applications. The PocketCloud app will be available for download in the Google Chrome Web Store in January 2014.

Dell Education Ecosystem
Dell’s team of education experts work directly with customers to ensure the successful integration of teaching and learning technologies in the classroom. The Dell Chromebook 11 easily connects to Dell’s next generation learning technologies, infrastructure and peripherals. Additionally, with Google Cloud PrintTM, students and teachers can easily print documents, photos or emails using Google Docs and other Chrome apps.

The Dell Chromebook 11 4GBiv configuration will be available January 2014. The Dell Chromebook 11 2GB ivconfiguration will be available during the first quarter of 2014. The Dell Chromebook 11 is expected to sell below $300 and will be available on in the United States and UK.

Service and Warranty
Dell’s Chromebook is covered by Dell’s Limited Hardware Warranty[v]. This warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship for 1 year. If hardware issues cannot be resolved through remote diagnosis, Dell will provide a convenient way to return the product to a Dell repair facility.

Experience peace of mind with optional Dell ProSupport[vi] which offers the expertise to help keep you connected and productive 24×7 and when accidents happen – Dell can help. With Dell’s Accidental Damage Service[vii] you can minimize the unplanned expenses and downtime by protecting your system against unforeseen mishaps caused by drops, spills, surges and breakages.

  • Daniel DS

    So it’s basically an Acer C-720 with a better screen?

  • Rhoedd

    Dell gets on the bandwagon, sells many of these, never upgrades it, then just stops supporting it and makes as if it’s never heard of it… Remember the Streak?

    • Adam Koueider

      Google is the one that supports these devices. All updates (software related of course) come straight from Google, so there’ll be support for years to come.

    • Cal Rankin

      ChromeOS is updated just like Google Chrome: automatically and in the background. The end user barely knows the difference.

  • Shark Bait

    Yyeeyyy go chrome books. I really like them and I’m not just saying that as a Google fan boy. They are brilliant streamlined computers , no mess , no settings , it just work’s… brilliant.

    I hope many manufactures follow on and keep a standard naming convention. The simple name reflects the simple chrome OS

    I see these becoming more and more popular!

    • jusephe

      What ?

      Those things are netboks, crap computer with an baby OS, bad combination. They are selling only because of price and because chrome OS can run on such weak hardware that can be sold for such a low price.
      People will buy them, try them and very propably throw them out of window.

      Notebook is great at some things and tablet is great at others.
      Netbooks aren’t better at anything.

      • Shark Bait

        Why do you think that??. Yes they will never run crysis, or CAD or Photoshop, but their not suppose to, and most people don’t want to. (And I have a desktop for that)

        I would never have bought 1 because I thought the same. But I won one and had every intention of selling it….. but I find it amazing!

        It is a very different way of working yes, but its cleaner and simpler than windows. No hard work, every thing just works instantly, which is very refreshing and very valuable.

        Between this, my tablet and desktop their is nothing I can’t do and in fact I sold my laptop now.

        Can you see how these can be great for casual computing at least ??? (Which is what their made for)

      • Jeff

        I own an Samsung Arm and I hardly ever use my much more powerful laptop anymore… it’s too bulky. I love my Chromebook, it’s fast, super light, has a super long battery life, no worries (virus, updates). The fact that it’s very cheap mean that you don’t worry at all about breaking it, which a very big plus. Having expens
        ive stuff is a responsibility, having a Chromebook isn’t. It’s just fun!

        • Shark Bait

          I have the same, I completely agree, fun and no hassle. I didn’t realise how much hassle windoes was until I used my chrome book

    • APai

      chromebooks are netbooks in disguise :) it’s a nice niche, I know many people owning chromebooks who use it exactly as its intended to, for lightweight computing. perhaps it might not survive long like the netbooks.

      • Shark Bait

        I tink they will replace all low end windows machines

      • fredphoesh

        nope, not the same at all… only in their low power & low cost… but netbooks are super slow windows mini laptops, chromebooks are not slow at all…

        • APai

          i meant the functioning, not the technology or the computing prowess.

  • Androidway

    Chromebooks are a fail, just like how Google+ is as well.
    I’m a huge Google and Android fan, but you got to admit it, they suck.

  • Data

    I want to like Chromebooks but even mobile OS’s are more capable than Chrome OS.

    • Adrian Remus

      And you also want to like Google+?

      • Data

        It depends on what you mean by Google+. I like the social network as a product even though it’s not as live as Facebook in circa 2011. But I absolutely hate how Google integrated G+ into everything, I’ve even stopped using GMail and made separate account for YouTube.

        • Adrian Remus

          I won’t tell people what email you use now :D

  • Nick Nylin

    I just want a 15″ Chromebook. This is all I ask.