Delayed Telus Galaxy S4 shipping now comes with $100 bill credit

by: Chris SmithApril 23, 2013

samsung galaxy s4 back side aa

After offering $50 in bill credit to select Galaxy S4 buyers that would agree to have their pre-ordered handset shipped latter than April 27, Telus is now doubling down on that offer.

Like before, waiting means agreeing to have your Galaxy S4 shipped by May 10 instead of Saturday, April 27.

Telus has sent another email notification to some buyers telling them that now they can get a $100 credit in order to wait up to two weeks to receive their new Galaxy S4. The carrier is again mentioning its need to “manage [its] restricted [Galaxy S4] supply,” suggesting that it may not have enough units to go around during its in-store launch of the handset.


Those Telus subscribers that have already agreed to the initial $50 offer for a delayed Telus Galaxy S4 shipping will automatically receive $100 bill credit instead, and they won’t have to do anything else to receive the extra bonus.

The Telus Galaxy S4 sells for $199 with a new 3-year commitment, so that $100 credit could further sweeten the deal even if that means waiting an extra two weeks to use Samsung’s new flagship handset.

Telus may not be the only carrier struggling to meet Galaxy S4 demand. In the U.S., Sprint has apparently sold out its first Galaxy S4 pre-order batch, so buyers will have to turn to other carriers or retailers to get an early Galaxy S4 unit.

Obviously, the Galaxy S4 is a very popular handset with the Android crowd, so if you’re curios to find out more details about the handset, check out our Galaxy S4 review (video available above).

  • Cheetah

    Something isn’t right… Is the phone still buggy or something?

    • RaptorOO7

      Not likely. They may be having issues getting enough stock in. Samsung is doing a 50 country simultaneous launch which likely explains why the 32GB version is delayed a month or two and some carriers already sold out of their initial orders. This isn’t some Apple PR crap where they string the different countries along to make each market wait and wait and wait for each version of an over priced phone.

  • RaptorOO7

    Considering they force 3 year contracts on poor folks up north, I would take a $100 credit if I had to wait 2 weeks, no problem at all.

  • Annoyed

    Telus never notified me with this offer….they just simply decided not to ship the phone because my billing and shipping address were different and they never notified me that this was a problem for them and was apparently against company policy to do so without talking to the customer first. So when it did not arrive within the promised 1-3 business days I called them and they informed me of the so called problem. I explained that the billing address is at the home I own and the shipping address is a temporary address where I am currently residing. When I asked why I wasn’t notified that it was an issue and asked why if there was an issue they would allow you to enter different billing and shipping address on their website? After finally talking to a manager they agreed it was their fault and they agreed to ship it out that day and told me I would be receiving a shipping notification by email and offered me a $50 credit. That was on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I still hadn’t received the shipping notification and called them back. This time they told me that they sent the order to the warehouse but that it may take 3-5 business days to receive the phone. I reminded them of their shipping promise outlined on their website of 1-3 business days and asked to speak to a manager. They told me none were available and that they would tell me the same thing. After reading the article…things are making sense.