Deezer still doesn’t have official Google Play app for its streaming service, but it is slowly marching forward towards that goal. Today a new beta version of the Deezer app was released to the public, available directly through their website.

The new update adds several changes including a new mini-player. The mini-player makes it possible to leave the app while still having some control over your music selection through notifications and the lock screen.

Another important new feature is the addition of predictive search. While this isn’t anything revolutionary per se, it does make it easier to find what you are looking for by suggesting artists and tracks as soon as you begin typing into your search bar.


The Deezer app has also received a bit of a visual makeover, with the new look featuring basically a black and white color scheme. Don’t let the sounds of that fool you, it is actually very attractive and does a great job of helping the album artwork stand out.

There is no word on when exactly this will touch down through Google Play, but at least the beta is fully open for any early adopters that want to give it a try. What do you think, willing to give this one a go or do you already favor one of their competitors such as Spotify?

Andrew Grush
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