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With the smartphone market in oversaturation, Samsung is staring down the barrel of a year of potentially declining flagship and component sales. Never one to take things lying down, the Korean tech company is pumping up their other market avenues, leaning hard on services like Samsung Pay and coaxing users toward their non-smartphone products. In the spirit of this, Samsung is currently launching a pretty stellar campaign to put not one, but two Fast Charge wireless chargers in your hands.

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August 24, 2015

These babies run for $70 a pop, but if you act quick enough, you can effectively snag a pair for $35 apiece. From now until Saturday, March 19, Samsung is running a buy-one-get-one-free sale on their popular charger. These accessories are able to bring a smartphone from dead to full charge in just fifty minutes, no wires required. The range of devices it works on is also fairly robust. Owners of the Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S7, or Galaxy S7 Edge, as well as a handful of others will all be able to enjoy the freedom of lightning fast wireless charging. This is one of those technologies that you don’t really feel like you need when you don’t have it, but after you try it, there’s no going back to USB cables.

You’ll have to act quick on this one, however. There are only a scant few days before this offer expires, so if you were on the fence about buying a wireless charger, the time to get off that fence is now. If you’re already an owner of the Samsung Fast Charge wireless charger, let us know what your experience with the accessory has been like in the comments below. You might just help someone make a more informed purchase. Click the button below to get the full scoop on this promo, and as always, stay tuned to Android Authority to stay abreast of all the latest deals and developments in the tech world.

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  • Richard Harris

    This is not a deal, these normally start at around $40 or less on amazon.

    • Chris

      The actual Samsung branded one?

      • LDC2335

        They are currently $49 on amazon. No sale.

  • LDC2335

    No thanks. I just got two of the slow ones for free with Samsung pay, and I already have two yootech fast wireless chargers from Amazon for 12.99 that look and work great.

    • saksham

      can u give me one :D

  • LDC2335

    There’s just too many good ones in the $20-$25 range.

    • Chris

      Likely the slow charge ones that don’t really work well.

      • LDC2335

        I don’t plan to use the garbage slow ones I got for free, they’ll go to eBay. These Samsung ones are worth 35 bucks, just shouldn’t be a sale price or have to buy two to get it.

      • LDC2335

        Do you even have a clue man? Search 10w fast wireless charger on amazon. There are plenty.

  • csharpner

    Thanks commenters! You just saved me some money. I was about to waste my money on these.

    • Chris

      Most of the people here live on welfare in their mothers basements

      • LDC2335

        Some people here are trolls that probably rock iPhones and come here to get attention. Money is not the issue, it’s paying twice as much as you could be.

      • csharpner

        I can’t speak for everyone else, but some of us, who are home owners, have careers, and incomes well above average (but not “rich”) are that way partly because we don’t waste our money.

  • Luka

    Got it, love it! :)

  • Leslie Trotter III

    Besides two wireless pads, are there two 2.0 amp wall chargers as well or just one?

  • Mike Witkowski

    This is a complete B.S. sale from Samsung anyhow. I tried buying one six different times throughout the day. At first it would let me select the fast charger and add to cart. Then when you click checkout it would give a “your cart is empty” message. Now Samsung has completely pulled the fast chargers from their website. It still shows the picture and lists it as part of the BOGO deal but there is no option to put it in your cart, it just says “find one locally ” so much for the sale only going to the 19th, it didn’t even make it through one day. WTF.

    • VersedNJ

      Same here, I figure for the price, I would have one for home and keep one at work. It’s not something I would die for, but at bogo I’d go for it.

  • JawjaBill

    Nice try Sammy. Not a deal. Go with the proven knockoffs. They work fine.