Deal: Get a 64GB Moto X Pure Edition for $399, $25 B&H gift card

by: John DyeMarch 2, 2016

Moto X Pure Edition-15

If you’ve been eyeballing the Moto line for a while now but haven’t really been tempted enough to make the jump, the day might have finally arrived for you. The 64GB variant of the Moto X Pure Edition is going on sale for a cool $399.99 at B&H, and if you take advantage of this sweet deal, they’ll even throw in a $25 gift card to boot.

Seeing as this device currently sells for around $520 on Amazon, our back-of-a-napkin math says that this offer works out to about $145 in savings. Not too shabby at all. These unlocked devices are of course 4G LTE capable and they work on any major US carrier. Color-wise, you have your pick between black, white, and the delightfully stylish white/bamboo backing combo. Normally that bamboo would cost you extra, but the price tag is exactly the same as the bamboo-less versions in this sale.


The Moto X Pure is considered something of a departure from the Moto line in terms of design, but for its price (especially this price) it brings some relatively high-end specs to the table for little cost. It offers one of the cleanest and purest Android experiences available, and the device received an Editor’s Choice award from Android Authority in 2015 with a 4.5-star rating.

If you’re a Moto X Pure Edition owner, let us know about your experience with the device in the comments below. Maybe you’ll help some potential buyers who are currently on the fence. If you want to check out this deal directly, click the button below to head on over to B&H.

Get it from B&H!
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  • I’m extremely happy with my Moto. I love it just as much as I loved my Nexus 4. Before the Moto I had the LG G3 and it was too laggy for me. The only thing I don’t like about the Pure is the screen…the light bleeding really bothers me.

  • Ronald Sims

    If you can, get it. The screen is really good. Loud speaker. Good DAC. Of course I hope they kept AMOLED but it doesn’t matter to me. I recommend it.

  • VanceVEP72

    Says $499 on B & H’s site ?

  • Alon Israeli

    great phone extremly high SAR if you mind radiation

  • Karly Johnston

    I am surprised it is still selling that high a year later. The G4 has been cut in half.

  • Justin Fields

    Love my moto X PE, snappy performance and awesome multimedia experience, plus clean Android for a great price!

  • red

    there is no Moto X Pure 64g on the B&H website for $399.99. Talk about false advertising…….