Deal: grab a Samsung Gear S2 for $100 off!

by: Edgar CervantesJanuary 16, 2016

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Some of you will hate me for this, but my favorite wearable is not an Android Wear device. I am a huge fan of the Tizen-powered Samsung Gear S2. Though it may lack all the apps Android Wear users enjoy, it can definitely do enough, the interface is clean and that rotating bezel is fun as all hell.

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The only issue is that the Samsung Gear S2 is still a bit pricey at $300, but money won’t be that much of an issue if you take advantage of the awesome offer Adorama is currently holding. The popular retailer is selling this smartwatch for $299, but you will get a $50 rebate in the mail at a later date. In addition, one can use coupon code 50OFFJAN to get an extra $50 off.


This adds up to $100 off, which brings the Samsung Gear S2 down to a mere $199. Still not the cheapest, but that is a much more enticing price, all things considered.

More Samsung Gear S2 content: 

You would be getting a device we had very little to complain about during our review. The Gear S2 offers a sleek design, a unique input method, a great display, impressive battery life and smooth performance. Specs include a 1.2-inch (360×260) circular display, a Qualcomm S4 Play processor, 512 MB of RAM, 4 GB of internal storage, GPS, NFC, Bluetooth and a 300 mAh battery.

There’s not much else we can as for from a smartwatch, right? Who is signing up?!

  • Not1Not2Not3

    If I buy a smartwatch it will definitely be the s2 or the s2 classic 4g.

    • Anuj Goyal

      Wish there was s2 classic 3g/4g version available. Its only sport style one..

  • James Ickes

    It is great watch but there are a few things I wish it did better. Goggle now integration and better support for 3rd party sms apps. The battery is great compared to everything I have tried except of course the pebble witch is also a great watch just a bit different

    • ConceptVBS

      App support is not important. What is important is the basics that a smartwatch needs to perfect: notifications, status updates, quick replies and seemless integration with the main phone. The S2 does all of this very well. Leave the apps on the phone where it belongs. If you have enough time to rummage through the apps list, might as well pull out your phone.

      • Ira

        As an Android Wear user (LG Urbane), you are right to an extent. Some will want bigger app support for basic features – replying to conversations using voice input, ability to peek into some apps (like emails), etc. But on the other hand, you are right – smartwatch needs to perfect the basic features because it is not meant to replace your smartphone entirely.

        It’s a double-edged sword. I’d love mix of Tizen and Android Wear – not as many apps, but better integration of necessary features before trying to expand the app eco-system.

      • insomniac

        Agree with you completely. If I need to use app, I use my Note 4, if I see a video or play game, I use my Tab S2. After using Pebble Steel, I don’t like android wear interface. On my LG Watch R, things I use are: Watch (I keep the display on, always). Weather & date (on watch face). Audio recording (use it record my boss’s instructions), view notification (whatsapp, email). I can’t reply at work by voice! I never liked this idea. It makes sense only if you r driving. Its odd to say ‘Ok google’ & give command to your watch in front of people! [I don’t know, may its just me]. I used Gear S2 in store, liked it a looot. This is the best looking & feeling smart watch out there. Size is perfect + that rotating bezel is a killer feature.

        • James Ickes

          Oh I don’t like the android wear interface either. I don’t think any smart watch does it completely right yet. For me anyway. Love me pebble. And love the S2. Just like how wear integrates with Google services better but that’s it.

          • insomniac

            Right! & those google services are killing android performance! My LG G Watch R used to lag just because of google services. I sold it, to get a Gear S2 Classic. Lets see. Its soooo freaking expensive!!! I might go back to my pebble steel in the mean time.

      • James Ickes

        Certain apps are important to me. They don’t make watches just for you. Google now is 10 times better than some voice. It would be nice to have something like shazam. 3rd party support for sms to see message threads is also important to me. Samsung message app isn’t that great. I like options.

  • ecaps24

    Who’s gonna need a ton of apps in a watch. I regret getting the moto 360 because it’s low and using apps drains the battery faster. My next watch will be Gear S3 for sure.

  • insomniac

    I love the classic version. I want to sell my LG Watch R & buy a Gear S2 Classic. But… It to freaking expensive! Come on samsung! You can lower the price! For $250 I can buy a Note 3 or S5 or Nexus 6!!!

  • Slaughter

    360x260p? For a circular display?

  • Faslane

    Get the s2 withbwifi and 4G. Many more options for calling etc. Has its own number too. Don’t even need your phone with you to make and receive calls/texts.