pny memory deal

Phone makers charge a premium for extra storage, but if your phone comes with a microSD slot, there’s no need to pay $50 or more for a paltry 32GB of storage. Just get a 128GB card on one of Amazon’s frequent memory deals, and you’re set.

Today’s Amazon deal sees PNY’s microSD memory products going at steep discounts. The 128GB model can be had today for $29.99, the lowest price we’ve seen for cards of this capacity. This PNY card is even cheaper than the relatively no-name Silicon Power card deal from January, which went for $33.

If you want a lower capacity, you can get a 64GB version for just $18.98 and a 32GB one for $9.99. Select PNY SD cards and USB flash sticks are also discounted today.

Check out the full deals list:

The deal is valid through tonight at midnight PST. Happy shopping!

Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • 3165dwayne

    Seems like an excellent deal from a more reputable manufacturer

  • Roberto Tomás

    its a really good price .. I do wonder if it is worth it though, for modern devices. microSDHC UHS-II/U3 cards run from 150% as fast to 300% as fast (Lexar’s is about as fast as typical/non-Samsung e.MMC). Do you want your SD storage to feel slow with marshmallow?

  • moovacha

    Wow liar. $108 for the 128gb. Who writes this garbage?

    • I just checked: price is exactly as the article states.

  • ThatDudeKee

    I bought one from Amazon when you last promoted their PNY 128gb microsd cards. I purchased it and when I checked it, it the software said it was made by barun electronics or something like that. I told amazon and they sent me a replacement. When I check that one it was the exact same kind of card. So now i have 2 PNY labeled cards that are really Barun Electronic cards.

    • acejavelin

      Umm… This answer is a little late, but Barun Electronics is OEM out of South Korea, they manufacture storage chips for PNY, Lexar, and other companies, and lots of other chip-level and SoC things. PNY doesn’t make their own chip-level components, never has. The data you are seeing is completely normal, these cards are not fake.

  • beachbum68

    UGH! You couldn’t pay me to use PNY flash.