Deal Alert: 32GB Galaxy Note 4 for $319.99 via eBay

by: Robert TriggsFebruary 26, 2016


The Galaxy Note 4 may not be Samsung’s latest handset, but it’s still a very capable smartphone worth looking into if you can grab it at a good price. Fortunately then, you can currently purchase a 32GB model from Quickshipelectronics’ eBay store for just $319.99. Quite a bargain.

The Galaxy Note 4 model on offer is the SM-N910 4G LTE version, which means that it is compatible with AT&T or Verizon networks. The seller is offering a choice of either black or white color options, and the handset also comes with an original USB cable, wall charger, and the S-Pen for making use of some of the Note 4’s more unique features.

Despite its age, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 still packs in some beefy enough hardware specifications for a top-notch smartphone experience. The Note 4 features a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display with QHD (2560×1440) resolution, and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 SoC, combined with 3GB of RAM and a meaty 3,220mAh removable battery. This model features 32GB of internal storage, but there’s a microSD card slot if you require more. The handset also comes with a 16MP f/2.2 rear camera with optical image stabilization, and a 3.7 megapixel front camera for selfies.

For a closer look at the handset’s capabilities, I’ve dug up some of our reviews from back then:

If you are keen, click the big orange button below to place your order.

Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for $320
  • That One Guy

    Still the best note to date!

    • Danilo Santos

      Galaxy Note.

      • That One Guy

        I do not have to say the entire name. That is how you know that you are not a real Note user. Lol, who puts Galaxy in front of the names of the Note line these days? I know, amateurs and novice users! Everybody knows it is a Galaxy, maybe I should say Samsung Galaxy Note LMBO!

        • Danilo Santos

          hahaha you are absolutely right.
          I meant the note EDGE, but I missed the word.
          I don’t have any note, but I think the note edge might be nicer.

    • coldspring22 .

      Best Samsung phone period! Note 4 still beats Galaxy S7 edge in my view. Samsung made too many sacrifices in name of aesthetics in recent phones (lousy fragile glass back) and even reduced camera resolution to 9MP (in 16:9 mode), not to mention no removable battery and IR blaster. Note 4 camera still tops S7 camera in good light with full 16MP in 16:9 mode, and is far more repairable than S7 edge (which is practically designed to be non-repairable).

  • Roberto Tomás

    meh, Note 4? if this was a galaxy S6 I’d be pretty darn interested. :)

    • Biga173rd

      Meh? what phone do you own?

      • Fame

        Lol its always someone who has to act so uninterested but still chose to comment.

        • Biga173rd

          And you are? FOH

          • Fame

            I was agreeing with you idiot.

          • Biga173rd

            Hey it sounded like it was towards me I misread it. So i’ll take my comment back and apologize.

          • Fame

            Same here


    Does anyone know if it is locked or not????

    • Peter Chevozerov

      I have the same question… just sent a message to the vendor….

  • Eric

    I bought one about a week ago after my lgg4 died stuck in a bootloop. I owned a note 3 before the G4. The Note 4 screen, while technically only .2″ larger, feels much much larger because it doesn’t need space for the soft buttons. The touch sensitivity of the G4 also sucked big time. Note 4 camera is not as in low light and field of view is smaller, but it consistenly focuses faster, and generates as good or better results in day to day photos. My average battery life on G4 was 8 to 9 hours. Note 4 is 13. At the end of the day, note 4 feels like a bigger, faster, better device despite being 1.5 years old and actually a slower cpu.

  • Biga173rd

    Wow really? this phone is still beast and can run with the big dogs and will get the MM update. This is a killer deal rocking features the S6,S6 Edge, and Note 5 didn’t have the removable battery and micro sd card. I still own this phone and i’m very happy with it.

  • Another Skywalker

    Still much capable…

  • John Samuel

    Anyone know if the AT&T model will work on T-Mobiles network?

  • Priyank J Rana

    Is this a fake one or the real one? Did anyone bought from this deal?

  • Granite

    I wonder if these phones are guaranteed to have cameras that focus. Many Note 4’s don’t…mine included.

    Anyway, if you don’t want to take pictures, this is still a damned good phone.

  • jay

    copy “still the best note to date” so right

  • A.M

    not bad but u can get the Note 4 Verzion (Factory Unlocked) for $247 but for the root heads no rooting just yet

  • Fame

    Still have this phone but I’m interested in the s7 edge just can’t afford it right now. … however the note 4 is still one the best phablets on the market.