Deal: buy two recertified Galaxy Gears for the price of one Gear Live

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 1, 2014

samsung galaxy gear aa 11

So you decided to take the plunge and buy a smartwatch. But what’s the best option out there? Sure, Android Wear devices are nice, but that doesn’t mean Samsung’s Tizen Gear line should be ignored, especially if you’re looking for a cheaper ticket to the smartwatch club.

It doesn’t get much cheaper than this deal from Daily Steals that lets you buy a recertified (refurbished) Galaxy Gear for just $99, which is $200 off its list price. This is the original Galaxy Gear, that Samsung launched alongside the Note 3 in September 2013. The watch’s specs and design are pretty similar to the $200 Gear Live, but the Galaxy Gear also features a 1.9MP camera fitted in its strap.

The Galaxy Gear initially launched with Android on board, but Samsung later pushed an update that replaced Android with its homegrown Tizen OS. The Galaxy Gear comes with more features compared to the AW Gear Live – for instance, you can take photos and record videos, use the watch to make voice calls, load it up with music for tether-free playback, or use the Find My Phone feature to locate your missing device.

The Galaxy Gear is available on Daily Steals in Green, Rose Gold, Beige, Black, Gray, and Orange, with a 90 days warranty. You will need a compatible Samsung device in order to use it, with current support phones including the Galaxy S3, S4, and S5, Galaxy Note 2 and Note 3, and Galaxy S4 mini and S5 mini.

  • nhu

    I thought this was ANDROID authority…..

    • Guest

      My thoughts exactly, this article pushes so hard that it feels like it came straight from Samsung’s marketing department…

  • seven2k

    wonder if you root these and put android wear.umm.

    • Álvaro

      I really don’t know if this can be done. But it would be awesome

      • Benjamin Pavel

        On original Galaxy Gear they did made an AOSP ROM for it!
        It is possible but the popularity of Galaxy Gear watches are not big enough for Devs to try making Android Wear or anything else for it.

        • Álvaro

          I know they made it for the first Gear becuse it was Android, but with Tizen, I don’t know. But nothing is impossible rsrsrs

          • Benjamin Pavel

            Well I’ve heard that Tizen as an OS is even MORE open that Android…but then again as we know from the past Samsung LOVES to make their devices HARD to root. :)

  • DIYEyal

    Samsung software is something I would rather stay away from.

  • wilson

    Great deal but I just bought a gear fit and I like it very much hehe

  • Jayfeather787

    Even if the Gear Live costs more, I think it’s worth it. The Galaxy Gear seems not as good.

  • Tyler

    I have a Black Gear on right now. Running Tizen. I can personally say that Tizen, on this watch, is absolutely incredible. What you all have to remember is that it is a WATCH not a phone. This goes on your wrist and has a small display. There is no need for a custom ROM on this. Why basically have a phone on your wrist when you have one in your pocket anyway? The Gear with Tizen is A LOT better than the earlier Android system it had. Now I am all for Android over every other operating system for Phones and Tablets. Tizen should not go to those platforms. Samsung should just stay with Android and I completely agree with you all there. This is a smartwatch though and Tizen does a damn good job with it.