Deal Alert: Rovio drops all Angry Birds HD games down to $0.99, grab it while its hot

by: Tanay SoodFebruary 10, 2013

Angry Birds

Rovio’s Angry Birds just refuses to fade into the annals of great games, and why should it, since it continues to be one of the most popular gaming franchises in the world. For those who have yet to try their hands at some bird-flinging magic, Angry Birds Space HD and Angry Birds Star Wars HD are now available for only a dollar each.

As a special mention, Amazing Alex HD (a great puzzler also made by Rovio) is also on sale for a dollar. All of these apps see regular updates with bug fixes and most importantly, new content such as level packs. With this great price, there is no reason not to invest in any one of these games, all of which are guaranteed to give you hours after hours of gameplay. Also, who knows how long the sale will last, so if I were you I would try to grab them sooner rather than later.

  • PensiveParrot

    I wouldn’t go near any of Rovio’s paid apps, even after you’ve paid for it they still have adverts in them

    • Tanay Sood

      I know, most people would think otherwise but unfortunately that is not the case.

  • I would buy if I could transfer my saved progress from the free edition.