Deal alert: $450 Sprint Nexus 5 comes with 12 months of unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data for students

by: Chris SmithDecember 5, 2013


Android fans who are also students looking to buy a new Nexus 5 phone (or a new smartphone for that matter) should check out Sprint’s latest promotion.

The mobile operator will throw in a full year of free talk, text and 1GB of data to students that pay full price for their device of choice and get an Unlimited or My Way plan.

In the free year of service, the plan will include unlimited voice minutes and text messages, and 1GB of LTE data. Because that amount of data may not be enough for some hardcore users, it can be upgraded to unlimited data for an additional $10 per month. After the first year, users will have to pay the plan at its regular, full price.

As for student requirements, the promotion requires buyers to be an active student enrolled in a U.S.-based elementary, middle school, high school, college, university of accredited institute.”

While the Nexus 5 may be one of the most interesting phones to buy this winter, it’s not the only handset Sprint includes in the offer. The list of devices part of the deal includes some of the other flagship devices available in Sprint stores such as the Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4, LG G2, HTC One and Moto X. The cheapest handset that can be purchased with this offer is the $249.99 Kyocera Kona.

Just like with the Nexus 5, users would have to pay full price for any device they’d choose to take advantage of the deal. Check out the Source links below to sign up for the offer, and see what other handsets are included in the offer.

  • Stephen Dix

    “Full price”

  • Ryu

    Basically, $100 extra for a year of talk, texts, and a little data. Actually a pretty good deal.

  • icyrock1

    The question is; after all that, do I still want to deal with there horrible service(I’m being dead. The customer service I had with them was terrible)? Honestly, I don’t think that you could pay me to use them again…

  • Timothy Kowalski

    Nexus 5 at full price comes out to 37.50/month for service. After that move to a cheap GSM plan.

  • D.B

    I have Sprint! worst network in the WORLD. :) Anyone want to know my 3G speeds?

    0.13 download
    0.28 upload

    Stay far away from Sprint. They pretty much have NO 4G/LTE spots. You are better off with T-Mobile $30 a month plan. I will switch after I’m out of this contract.

  • Alejandro Altamirano

    You’re better off sticking with a gsm carrier, their Hspa/Hspa+ networks are better than cdma and their laughable 3g speeds