Dead Trigger zombie FPS is now available in Google Play and TegraZone for just $0.99

by: AdrianJuly 4, 2012
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If you’ve ever had that inexplicable feeling that the zombie apocalypse is getting near and the world’s only chance for survival might come down to you and your ability to slay the undead, I have to painfully inform you that you’re completely out of your mind.

Thankfully, all of history’s brilliant minds were considered at some point crazy, so you shouldn’t sweat it. Instead, try to find out something entertaining and challenging enough to keep you busy until your zombie-killing services will be needed to preserve our society as we know it.

And if you have trouble finding out something to fit that description, the guys at Madfinger Games may be able to lend you a hand with their newest title for Android. Dead Trigger is a visually stunning first-person shooter that goes for only $0.99 over in Google Play and that will most likely keep you glued to your Android devices.

We’ve talked about the “full 3D characters and environments”, high-quality 3D audio, smooth controls, and over 40 hours of gameplay that should make Dead Trigger one heck of an FPS just a few days back, so all there is to say right now is go get them!

Also, it seems that the game’s 99 cent price is part of a special promotion that will run for a limited time only, so you should stop hesitating, get that buck out of your pocket, and start butchering those darn bloodthirsty monsters! There’s a Tegra 3 optimized special version of the game waiting for you in the TegraZone, for that same unbelievably low $0.99 price tag.

Have fun and let us know what you think of the new Dead Trigger game in the comments section below.

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  • Ron

    There’s in app purchases! Beware!

    • The game can be played without the in-app purchases though.

  • gils001

    Im at level 7 and i only have the first pistol available… just aim and re aim shoot and repeat the pistol auto locks on the zombies head and it takes one shot…in game purchase solved

    • gils001

      Also a quick tip…. just play the missions where u collect certain amounts of items and wait to collect the last item but in the mean time kill as many zombies as u want with the pistol trick headshots get $10 each and u can kill infinite amounts of zombies. Also, upgrade ur pistol at least once