Although Google Play Books has carried digital DC comic book collections for a while now, the only way to get single issues has been to go through other DC partners like Comixology. Thankfully for DC fans, this changes today.

In addition to continuing to selling comic book collections and ‘novels’, DC will now offer comics separately, without the need to buy issues in volume. Initially this partnership means you’ll be able to pick up monthly releases, but what about DC’s traditional Wednesday weekly releases? While DC may add weekly releases eventually, DC’s vice president of Vertigo and Integrated Publishing Hank Kanalz notes that adding the weekly storefront schedule to Play Books requires “additional resources”.

The addition of single issue comics is a very welcome change for Google fans that also are avid DC followers, but it is important to note that this partnership is currently limited to the United States. On the bright side, DC pledges to bring it to additional markets but doesn’t give any timeframe for this expansion just yet.

DC fans: What do you think, glad to see single issues make their way over to Play Books or will you likely continue to buy them from other sources?

Andrew Grush
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