Galaxy Note ad: David Beckham uses the gift of balls to play Beethoven’s Ode to Joy [Video]

by: Bams SadewoMay 22, 2012
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So, the Summer Olympic games are about to kick off soon in London. Who’s better to kick things to a start than the country’s top footballer, David Beckham?

As Samsung’s ambassador to this year’s Olympic Games, you can see Becks sporting his Galaxy Note to help bring his interpretation of Beethoven’s classical piece Ode to Joy to life. We couldn’t hear it ourselves, but we do love the 15-foot wall of drums setting and Becks’ awesome footwork. And if there’s anyone who can make using Samsung Galaxy Note cooler, he’s definitely one of them. Not as cool as Peter the elephant, though…

[embed width=”600″][/embed]

What do you think of the video? Does it make you want to go out there and get yourself the Olympic Edition of Samsung Galaxy Note?

  • JayZed

    Have to listen twice to hear the song in the drum beats.

    This kind of advertising is based on the idea that the human brain fills in the gaps if it knows what to listen for. It is also designed to encourage multiple viewings.


  • balthuszar

    it was hard to hear until he got going…the impacts of foot to ball were a bit distracting…and it was edited to be one long sequence when in reality it was several takes, as is evident in the ball that was rolling towards him until the camera angle switched and it disappeared