Datawind unveils two more Aakash / Ubislate tablet models

by: Mike AndriciMay 7, 2012

Akash / Ublislate 7+ / 7C
Although I don’t usually endorse dirt-cheap Android devices, the Aakash line of Indian educational tablets may be worthy of an exception. The idea of placing a tablet in the hands of every Indian student is definitely controversial, but on a personal note, I do find the program useful to some extent. It’s in this context that Datawind have announced a couple of upgraded versions of the Ubislate / Aakash tablet, soon bound to enter the market: the Ublislate 7+ and the Ubislate 7C.

Given that the new line of Aakash tablets will retail for somewhere around $75, I’m sure nobody expects these slates to sport any of the latest technological advancements. Unfortunately, such expectations are met from the first glance at the spec sheet. Under the hood of both of these 7-inch 800 x 480 bad boys, you’ll find a single core processor, clocked at 800MHz, and just 256MB of RAM.

The only difference between the Ubislate 7+ and the Ublislate 7C is the introduction of a capacitive display on the 7C (thus the C in the name) instead of the outdated resistive display on the 7+. Both tablets will ship with Android 2.3 Gingerbread (I wouldn’t expect an upgrade anytime soon, as, so far, Datawind has announced ICS for future models only). Both tablets come with 2.5G connectivity, as well as Wi-Fi. For 3G connectivity, you’ll have to purchase a separate dongle accessory.

If you’re a student in India, the government will subsidize half of the cost, thus enabling you to purchase an Ublislate 7+ for just $35, as is the case with the current Aakash model. I know students don’t usually have much money to spare, but if given a chance, I’d definitely buy a $35 Android tablet. It’s not slim, it’s not powerful, but the specs should suffice for some limited web browsing and other low key activities.

What do you guys think? Is the Aakash Android tablet program an initiative that other governments should adopt as well? Drop us a line in the comment section below!

  • Nokappli

    What is your production capacity now? i.e. May 2012
    In next 6 months? In one year? And so on..
    Bottom lines by what times will you have 220 million devices in the hands of students?

    • Rskks

      Don’t Belive this all are Frud …. i paid amount two month before , after then they sent for mail u will asking for advance payment still. bludy fucker.

  • Gm

    chor company datawind

  • Vikram

    it is good that the company has made a commercial launch. aakash would take a long time t reach the hands of the common man as the govt is going to provide it initially to select educational institutions

  • Varun

    I only heard newz for Ubislate- but start delivering products at least…

    • guest

      they have started delivering…i got my tablet, its working great!

      • akshay

        hey… can u please give me the toll free number of ubi slate customer care pleae,.,,.,

      • suresh

        bhai ubislat 7+ kaisa hai lene layak hai ke nahi?

  • Saadalam

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    • guestt

      they would not be such a hit everywhere if they were failiing…if you dont want to be a customer and dont like the company then get on ur way and stop critsizing good companies like datawind…they are taking on a huge initative with the government…their product idea and the product itself is great…got my tablet already!

  • chayan

    promising from december, tablet will deliver very soon, soon means 2 or 3 yrs. they have change the meaning of soon.

    • inderr

      just because you didnt get the tablet doesnt mean they arent delivering…their in the process…sooon means very soon…i know people that have already recieved theres..its exciting..

      • Rakesh Jethia

        are you from datawind?

  • Spicyvipin

    i have paid the amount of rs 2999/- promised to deliver in march but yet no response mujhe lag raha hei yeh company bhi politiciians ki tarah anouncements hi kregi…………mere 2999/- to gye …………..

    • H K005

      be patient people!..their coming….i got mine and i love it!….if you gave up waiting then you can get a full refund if you request it on their website with all your details….but honestly if you have waited this long then wait a bit longer…i should be worth it

      • Gokul

        Hi,when you got ? could you please tell me when is you payment date?

  • Masrur234

    mere paise ka keya hoga maine bhi 2999/- rupiye ka dd bhej chuka…. are beyimano kuch to reply karo………………………………….. kab dete re tumloga mere order….
    nahi dena to mere paise wapas ker do…………………

    • inderrr

      if you honestly cant wait any longer..tum aap ke paise vapas lai sakdhay ho….the company apprently gives out full refunds..datawind ki website mai aap refund request kar sakdhay ho…give all your details on the site and their send your money back..

  • That’s really cheap. I own a cheap tablet from china called Ainol Novo 7 Advanced II and the specs are really good. Very fast tablet.

  • Harendrasinh27

    kay bat hi cab tablet pc bhejoge……………… ya nahi…………..

  • Pathran002

    it is definately an intiative that other governments should take..these developing countries really need such projects…india is doing an awesome job..finally something afforable coming through the market that everyone can get! great job datawind!

  • Would be nice if the Aakash program (Datawind) and OLPC (Quanta) could collaborate and combine the best of both visions into one superior product.
    Certainly OLPC’s latest design (X0-3) is none other than an Android tablet and Quanta’s manufacturing ability would add value to the mix as Datawind seems less capable of manufacturing or having manufactured a quality product.
    I do question OLPC for continuing to pursue Sugar, their own OS when Android is open sourced. I can only imagine the hundreds of man years that have gone into Sugar but someone should shallow their pride and move on to support Android.
    As to whether The Indian governments Aakash tablet program should be emulated by other governments the answer is definitely yes. Lets close the digital divide which is detrimental to important aspects of sustainable economic growth such as financial inclusion which itself can assist the alleviation of poverty.

  • it is able to connect usb optical media device such as external dvd drive or external storage device

  • Jairaj05

    I personally think this is an amazing project that datawind is taking on. Yes they have fallen into a few traps but they are managing and you still hear the good upgrades they have been making ever since the huge controversy. they started their deliveries as I have heard…apparently mine tablet is on its way too and should get it in a few days!..a few of my friends got theres..I am sooo excited!

    • Gokul

      Hi. Please let me know if they asked address for delivery order?. Since i got mail about delivery date(15th to 30th May) details. but no more mails for delivery confirmation.

      Please reply me.

      • Jeetu

        have you recd your ubisate

  • Josh Lalbiaksanga

    what is the problem with delivery of the product which was order 4 months ago?

  • finally we get an afforable product in the market…not everything good gets done the first time…i got my tablet too…i was angry thinking this was scam and media make issues so big..but tablet is good

  • Chetta

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    • merl joseph

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  • A4_arvind

    I hv booked my tblt on 23 dec.. still there is no response from there side…. i dnt hv any idea how much mor time thy will take..

    • Jeetu

      they said 6-8 weeks from receipt of payment.

      I have also made payment and on call they told it will dispatch within 6-8 weeks

  • They are #1 fraud in India

  • Suresh

    Please Note that Datawind company send everyone Ubislate7 who already booked Ubislate7+ And in Ubislate7 no phone functionality. Ubislate7’s actual price is Rs.2500/- but sell Rs.2990/- to everyone who booked Ubislate7+
    please check at the time of product receive.

  • Ramesh

    i got my tablet…very nice product. datawind as pulled through and they have started deliveries..just wish they can get those tablets out in time to all their customers

  • HIMANSHU3499


  • rao

    i paid the money 41/2 months back and they didnot answer to my mails or my phone calls god only knows what will happen to me

  • I am still awaiting for my Ubislate 7+, god knows whether it will come or not. I know one one guy who has got it and reviewed . I don’t know whether he is genuine or not but he has got so much details. I believe we can only confirm it once we get our own. TIll then keep waiting.

  • I am still awaiting for my Ubislate 7+, god knows whether it will come or not. I know one one guy who has got it and reviewed . I don’t know whether he is genuine or not but he has got so much details. I believe we can only confirm it once we get our own. TIll then keep waiting.

  • Barun6736 Singh

    mai apna akash tablet sold kar raha ho koi lena hai to ph karo.varun.m,no.09748022242.ya mai kl liya hai.kuch uargent hai is liya de raha ho.same prise me

  • Larryubu

    can a sim card work in this ubislate?

  • Bhushankalra

    which one is better ubislate 7+ or 7C and why?

  • Vishal Kulshrestha

    phone functionality requires a headset… what crap.

  • Rakesh Jethia


    They are now refunding money back, I got my money back(lucky me!).

    Though had to make numerous calls and many many emails, but finally they gave my money back.

    During my conversations to them it was very clear they have no estimations on when they will be able to start delivering.

    For those who are planing to buy this now, please consider other alternative tables.

  • saif

    I am tied about this product when I get this tablet

  • sagar

    hello i am from delhi
    I have pre-ordered a ubislate 7c but i don’t know how to pay it.

  • Seema

    Can we pay online for ubislate7c?

  • vinod

    i just want to know does ubislate have sim slot or not ……please anyone say me that sim slot is there or not if not i will cancle my order anyone please say me and help me out….

  • Pratap Bhoot

    What is the latest status of the deliveries of Unislate7+. My booking ID is PMC5C82D76B8 . Please inform.Shell I hope for the Ubislate 7+booked by me in the month of Dec.11 or Iyou keep me waiting.

  • shailendra

    ubislate7+ comes to next week

  • yabu

    ubislate tablet is very bad product, don’t purchase. its not working properly, no service, i purchased through naptol, only working images and songs. very bad product, never purchase this product….