The Da Vinci Code book free on Google Play Store, includes excerpt from next Dan Brown novel

by: Bogdan BeleMarch 21, 2013


Dan Brown’s book is one you either loved or hated, but it was impossible to ignore (at least a few years ago). Now, The Da Vinci Code book is available as a free download in the Google Play Store for a limited period of time.

Doubleday, Dan Brown’s publisher, quoted by the Wall Street Journal, has announced that the book will be available for free at online retailers, including the Google Play Store, until March 24. Other retailers participating in the offer include Barnes & Noble, Amazon or the Apple iBookstore.

If you think that this offer doesn’t do much for you since you’ve already read the book, you should know that there still is something in it for you. The free edition includes the prologue and first chapter of Dan Brown’s next book, Inferno, set for release on May 14.

Are you getting The Da Vinci Code?

  • Dorick

    Only in America? not free here, in the UK

    • Unfortunately, it’s only in the USA. But you can still get the excerpt from the new novel on Dan Brown’s website.

  • jrk36

    I’m using a VPN to California but still cannot see it free in Play Store or Amazon?

  • meimei227