CyanogenMod source released for Note 3, nightlies should follow shortly

by: Andrew GrushDecember 27, 2013


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 owners that have been dreaming about ditching TouchWiz in favor of CyanogenMod will be happy to know that they’re one step closer. In a Google+ post earlier this morning, the CM team announced that they have now published the software source code for quite a few different variants of the Note 3.

The team has also put up the Kernel and ROM code for the T-Mobile, Sprint and international Note 3 models. AT&T and Verizon kernel/ROM code is notably missing, likely due to issues related to their locked bootloaders. 

At the moment, there are no nightly builds available for any version of the Note 3, but at least it’s now possible for custom modders to build the ROM from source. It’s only a short matter of time before the CM team officially releases the first nightly builds as well, likely built on the power of Android KitKat. For more details, be sure to check out the team’s official post, which also includes GitHub source code links for the Galaxy Note 3.

What do you think, like the idea of running pure Android on the Note 3, or do you feel that removing Samsung’s customizations defeats the purpose of the S-pen-wielding super-sized handset?

  • enyce36

    Give me Roms on this beast, To be honest i bought it for the screen size/resolution and the internal hardware and the hopes that soon touchwiz can be gone forever.

  • Note3Owner

    At this stage, looking at the changes from Android 4.3 to 4.4, some of which I plain don’t like, I just don’t see the point in even thinking about it. My Note 3 with Nova Launcher and a few 3rd party apps looks and feels close enough to pure Android, while maintaining all the goodies that make it a Note. I came from a Nexus 4 and I have come to love many Samsung quirks, more than I ever thought I would. The launcher is utter crap, but other things are brilliant, so I am happy camper!

    • tehckotek

      same here, the hardware runs really smooth to have few bloatware on the side. i used to root to get everything gone (blocking ads specially) but, with this beast i turn off the apps that are allowed to be set like this and just don’t use anything else left behind…. i have no problems with stock system……. i do hate freaking ads but, i dont use many “crappie” apps like before which is good!

  • Bobby Bryla

    Having been an owner of the Note 3 for a few weeks now it’s the first phone or tablet that I have not felt strongly about rooting and ROM-ing it. But given that CM adds a lot of good stuff, I might consider it if I don’t lose the functionality of the S-Pen.

  • Skander

    If dual booting is figured out yes, but I’m not sacrificing all the Touchwiz and S-Pen features and this is the first device I don’t feel like actually rooting or changing.

  • AndroidBoss

    The browser on my Note 3 keeps crashing when I close a tab. Anyone else got that problem? I installed Chrome. Samsung’s main browser sucks.

  • KillEmAllx

    Does CM really kill all the pen-functions? If so, what’s the point? People always go bananas about custom AOSP roms, and at least on Samsung devices, they kill a lot of the phone’s functionality.
    I have a GS3 i9305, and AOSP roms have a lot of bugs, some camera related which pretty much make the camera quality crap. What’s the point of buying a device and then make it less functional just to have the latest version of pure Android?
    I think AOSP roms work only bug-free on Nexus devices, and a few other open-source friendly devices. So sad.

  • JT

    Ya, the only reason I rooted my note 3. Just to boast battery life and get rid of system apps I don’t use. Plus custom themes and I only run stock roms. Asop roms are pointless and there always blue? I hate blue!!

  • Omar Yusof

    Last night I installed cyan 11 on note 3 with the kitkat package and I love it. I would never have began tinkering with my phone until I became irritated that I could not move the bottom apps on touchwiz. From there I began, I was annoyed by the ugly Samsung settings theme and ugly apps. Kitkat looked so simple, clean and polished. I loved the spen, but once I realised how quick it was to type on the google keyboard the Spen was no longer necessary. Now I switch on my note 3 simply to look and the os aesthetically. I am looking also at apps to enable the Spen if ever I want to use it.