CyanogenMod shows off new Mini-Camera Tile feature

by: Robert TriggsJune 25, 2013

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The CyanogenMod developers have been on a roll recently, unveiling plenty of new features and rolling out some more stable builds of the popular custom ROM. Well now there’s another new feature currently under review which has been developed by Nebojsa Cvetkovic, which gives users even quicker access to their smartphone camera.

The new feature appears as a simple tile on the quick settings panel, which can be accessed from the standard drop-down notification menu, allowing users to quickly take a picture from the notification menu without having to load up the main camera application. Here’s a quick video of the feature in action.

A quick tap on the tile with start up the camera, providing you with a small preview and auto focusing the shot, providing that your smartphone camera supports auto focus. Then it’s a simple case of tapping again to take your picture and again for any subsequent shots. When you’re done just swipe away the notification shade and the camera will automatically close.

Even better still, the quick shot still takes pictures at full resolution just like the regular app, so even though it’s a quick setting you won’t end up with low resolution shots.

Of course this isn’t really ideal for taking the perfect picture, but if you just need to quickly take a snap of something or simply can’t wait for the normal camera app to load, then this seems like a really useful new feature.

  • Andrew Baxendale

    I’m getting this ASAP!

  • le_lutin

    Is this not a good example of an answer to a question that no one asked?

    • Erusha Tiranagama

      Actually, it is a fairly common complaint that sometimes it just takes one too many button presses to get to the camera.

  • technology

    Why don’t they create a widget for it?

  • Nick Schiwy

    Yes, but why? I think someone got it right when they said it should be a widget instead.

  • MasterMuffin

    I don’t see the cool thing in that, you need a note to see what you’re taking a photo of! I guess if you want to take a photo REALLY quickly that’ll do, but…

  • NarutoNamikaze1010

    I know this isn’t the place but, It couldn’t hurt to try. Is there anyone else here who has SGH-T999 S3 and tried installing CM 10.1 and failed?

    • emanuele_zanetti

      which version did you try to install? if it was the newest stable release (CM 10.1.0) it won’t work, I think it was written in the release changelog or in the release thread on XDA that smartphones that didn’t receive CM 10.1 RC4 (or 5, I don’t remember) will not get the stable version for now, and the Galaxy SIII was included in this category.
      if you want to install CM 10.1 just find the latest RC for your SIII, which I think is RC 3

      • NarutoNamikaze1010

        Yeah I saw this site say STABLE 10.1 and i went to the list and saw d2tmo and tried flashing….only 10.0.0 would work. Jeez bummer thanks!