CyanogenMod Installer arrives to Google Play, makes custom ROM installation easy

by: Andrew GrushNovember 12, 2013

CyanogenMod logo

The CyanogenMod team first announced their plans to go commercial back in September. At the time, the team had also revealed that they were working on a special installer that would make getting CyanogenMod a much easier affair.

Taking to Google+, the Cyanogenmod team has announced that the the CyanogenMod Installer is finally ready for prime-time. To grab the app, you simply need to head over to Google Play. Keep in mind that the app is useless without the required PC companion program, which is available for free directly from CyanogenMod’s website.

The CyanogenMod Installer is a great way for Android newbies to get involved with custom ROMs, and could certainly be a time-saver.

The CyanogenMod Installer currently only supports select devices including most Nexus products, popular/newer Samsung devices and the HTC One. To see a complete list of supported devices, you’ll want to head over to the CM Wiki.

So what does the Installer actually do? Basically it automates the entire CyanogenMod installation process, requiring very little knowledge from the end-user. The installer even handles rooting your handset and unlocking the bootloader. All you need is a supported device, a USB cable and a copy of Windows. A Mac client is also in the works, but isn’t ready just yet.

This is a great way for Android newbies to get involved with custom ROMs, and could certainly be a time-saver. There are some of us that will prefer to install CyanogenMod the “old-fashioned” way, but it’s nice to have options.

What do you think of CyangenMod’s new installer and the company’s new commercialized direction? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

  • MadCowOnAStick

    Yay, but seriously, why do people buy like Note 3s and install CyanogenMod on it? Yeah, you get a big screen and a stylus holder, but the frickin whole part of it being that expensive IS ALL THE FEATURES ON SAMSUNG’S TOUCHWIZ. I’ve also seen people who have S4’s do this. BUY A NEXUS IT’S MUCH CHEAPER.

    • Mr T

      Point me to a 5.7″ nexus phone with a 3200mah battery ?

      • MadCowOnAStick

        The end part,

        • Shark Bait

          dont most people but it, use the stylus for a week and then reasilse it and all of samsungs software is a bit crap anyway?

    • Wezi427

      Unfortunately I’m with Verizon, not everyone can get a Nexus.

    • RushArt

      And the fact when it comes to certain countries, it’s already half year later with the same price as Note 3 (no subsidy from Google), no removable battery, no Micro SD slot.

      Nexus just doesn’t make sense in this case.

    • MadCowHasMadCowDisease

      Not just a Nexus phone with 5.7 inch screen/3200mAH battery, also one with 3GB ram, SD card, removable battery, and hard buttons…

      • MadCowOnAStick

        um, the whole point of the note 3 is its multitasking features, which is why it has a 5.7 inch screen and 3 gb ram and 3200mAH to support it, and once you install the rom, all those multitasking features go byebye…

        • mrjayviper

          larger battery = less recharge

          more RAM = more apps can be loaded

          bigger screen = more real estate for watching videos/games/etc

          the whole point of a phone is whatever the owner wants it to be. If the owner has found the stylus useless and other features useless, who are you to tell them otherwise? o.O

        • chirag

          Omni rom has MULTITASKING.

    • droidtomtom

      Cyanogen Mod gets rid of all the bloatware and makes the UI much more/many times more responsive. You gain some used up storage and CyanogenMod has regular updates even nightlies that are updated every night through the built-in updater. There are no Touch wiz I cannot live without unless you need all the note stylus software and even then you could get a deoxed TW ROM that removes all the bloat but keeps the TW framework.

  • Thomas Su

    Now give us a way to go back to the devices original rom just in case…

  • Shark Bait

    Had a little play and it works real good. Would be awesome if it would work with multi boot!

  • Wezi427

    I wonder if older devices will be supported later. I have a Motorola RAZR Maxx, it would make things a lot easier for me.

    • Brian Shieh

      If they make this available for most older devices, they would become a formidable competitor

      • Wezi427

        I agree. I hope that they do. They make a decent alternative. It will extend the life of my phone. I’m not ready to get rid of my phone yet. I’ll be paying full price for my next phone. in with Verizon and it’s the only way to keep my unlimited data.

  • Balraj

    Damn I run unofficial version :-(

  • Rajkumar

    This is y we say android is awesome

  • TanginangTASU

    Would love to have Cyanogenmod on my HTC Butterfly S :(

  • mali

    Give us a way so the note 3 keeps all it’s features. And blocks that lame ass app..Knox..

  • Gé den Bok

    Waiting for a Linux desktop client or a friendly spirit in my home town, Nijmegen Netherlands, who can help me out with a pc running windows?

    • Becooo

      If you fancy a trip to Amsterdam, and tell me what device you have, I might help

      • Gé den Bok

        Thank, but from Nijmegen to Amsterdam…

  • Vincent Goh

    yeah… Downloaded, installed on Desktop, plugged in my cm-ed Nexus7(gsm), and yea… formatted everything, including my storage. @.@

    • droidtomtom

      CM still has some work to do on this. I see no warnings that this voids the warranty of your device. It should not be deleting your storage either. It should have a backup option too. Like an automated nandroid backup. With any ROM install you will have to reinstall your apps which Google’s app backup will do after you sign in to your Google account.

  • drivermcgee

    i have the only Samsung S3 not supported. Verizon screws me again. Hopefully it will be added to the supported list soon.

  • Jean-Francois Messier

    Would be great if there would be a Linux client, the way that the Windows client works. Or give us the scripts to run at the command line, but that won’t be the same experience as the Windows program. Given that Android is Linux-based, I am surprised that the Linux version is not available at the same time as the Windows one.

  • Victoria

    What android version of CM does it install??

  • ziplock9000

    What is recommended to backup a none rooted Nexus 4?

  • Jose Hernandez

    I did it and I cant go to my apps, no dock nothing. Its just a blank screen. Need help!!!

  • Jens Stimpel

    This will be fun to try on my old S2