CyanogenMod Community and Pro Editions coming

by: Chris SmithOctober 20, 2013


The Cyanogen team announced at Big Android BBQ 2013 (BABBQ) that its CyanogeMod custom ROMs will be available in two versions in order for more users to be able to enjoy them.

Arguing that smartphone users and not carriers should dictate software-related terms to OEMs, the Cyanogen team revealed that it will offer support to both beginners and advanced Android users that want to install CyanogenMod on their devices.

The team said that there currently are 8,200,000 active CyanogenMod users, and that it has registered 38,000,000 downloads for over 100 devices, with over 3,000 contributors helping out with development.

CyanogenMod Community vs Pro

CyanogenMod will be available in two flavors including a Community Edition and a Pro Edition.

From the start, you should know that the Community Edition is the one you may be using today – therefore advanced and hardcore Android users will want to install this CyanogenMod ROM on their devices.

The Pro Edition – and the name is certainly confusing – is for beginners that don’t want to / don’t know how to install the CyanogenMod ROM on their handsets but could certainly use its features. The Pro name usually implies that such a software version would cost money or would offer features for pro users, but that’s not what’s happening with this ROM version. What the Pro version will do is to offer a hassle-free way to users curious to experiment with CyanogenMod, but not curious enough to go through all the necessary, and some times tedious, steps to get it.

Here are the features of each of these two CyanogenMod versions:

Community Edition

  • Designed for hackability
  • User debug
  • Signed with well-known keys
  • Root enabled by default
  • Community driven
  • Highly flexible system updater

Pro Edition

  • Designed for security
  • Signed with private keys
  • Simplified, automatic updater
  • Built on top of OSS project
  • Root is off, but easy to enable
  • New releases every two weeks

New CyanogenMod features

In addition to introducing these two new CyanogenMod ROM versions, the team also talked about upcoming features for CM Account and CyanogenMod.

The CM Account will offer users the possibility of finding and remotely wiping their handsets, but also give them full device management powers, backups, cross device sync and secure storage.


The CyanogenMod ROM will get new features including:

  • Universal screencasting – Remote display framework, based on Koush’s work on the Chromecast/AirPlay/Wi-Fi display work
  • Live Folders – the folders would populate themselves based on “smart context” (image aboev)
  • Recent Conversations – a feature based on Live Folders that will allow users to be automatically directed to the last conversation app used when looking to connect with a certain contact.
  • Themes, everywhere.
  • Gallery++
  • Launcher++

CM Edition of Oppo N1

The Oppo N1 will be the first Android handset that will ship with a pre-installed version of CyanogenMod, and according to the presentation (see Source links below) the phone is coming in late November.

  • Luka Mlinar

    What CyanogenMod is doing could be the start of something BIG. I wish them smooth sailing.
    OPPO <3 (had to add this :)

  • MasterMuffin

    “CyanogeMod custom ROMs” >:)

    Sounds good, trying to make all those angry CM haters come back :)

    • Luka Mlinar

      Haters? Because they went corporate?

      • MasterMuffin

        Yup, many people are like “never touching CM again”!

        • Luka Mlinar

          Fuck ’em

          • jorge

            Corporate? Erm…the community edition is there still…same thing for us. Luka, how much have you contributed to the community in donations? You are like those who think that they work for you? They are giving this for free as always, but as developers also deserve something for their time and effort, buy new test devices, servers, bandwidth…from where you do think it comes from? heaven? hacking? No sir…from contributions and even they have to dedicate time to answer noob questions on the forum.
            So fuck u mister. Make your own rom, support it, add new features and we will support you as well. Then you will understand what all this effort means.

          • Luka Mlinar

            I contributed to Wikipedia, and yet i think it should pursue advertising just enough to hold it’s own. You can only do so much within the realm of donations and charity. Wikipedia doesn’t need to move because it is what it is but unless CM moves, it will die. BTW why did you contribute? Clearly it’s not for me since you just told me to go fuck myself. There was no sign at the door saying “only for club members”. I’m glad you feel betrayed. Maybe now you will learn a life lesson you should have learned back in your teens.

          • jorge

            So… lets recapitulate here but backwards…you say CM should do a move, right? So, they did by creating a parallel version for users who are willing to pay a fee for a more stable and less risky version. So we have now 2 versions, one for community users and other for users who want to use it but without much the pain of first time comers, right? So they do what you wisely suggest…I don’t care if you contributed with Wikipedia, with the Red Cross or the Salvation Army…you demonstrate only you attack a product just because…and even try to “teach” a life lesson? just “LOL”. As open source developer too I laugh at you comments. You attack and then you try to excuse yourself by giving poor arguments…they do what you suggest so your clever answer is “Fuck ’em”…yeah…what a lesson. Don’t worry, I already know that there are just parasite people everywhere if that was the “life lesson” you wanted to teach someone here.

          • jorge

            Wait…unless you tell you said “Fuck ’em” at the haters…then I do apologize. Otherwise…go with it.

          • Luka Mlinar

            Wait are we fighting for the same side all this time. For fuck sake :(

          • Luka Mlinar

            Stop using Wikipedia then. Oh you’re not? But you will contribute there? Oh, you will not? How are you not a parasite when it comes to Wikipedia?
            This is what i’ll do. Next time i install CM on my phone ill be sure to remember this sucker jorge who made it happen and got nothing for it.
            Because that’s how shit works. I should live in a Wikipedia castle by now :D

    • APai

      please don’t diss the “haters”, open source is alive because of these people whom you call “haters”. they are essential to the community – being able to say no is a major part for any democracy. people can say “fork it” and move along to start another project.

      also, steve and koush were doing great all along, they dint have to be dicks when going corporate (which isn’t a bad thing at all), they pissed off a bunch of people and acted exactly how corporate assholes do. that’s the point of the developers who got pissed.

      the trolls are a different thing though.

      • MasterMuffin

        I didn’t diss anyone, just stated the obvious :)

        • APai

          I agree, used that word as I couldn’t find a suitably appropriate one :)
          … although CM is doing just fine, steve / koush and others could have handled their transition to current status better.

          • MasterMuffin

            They could have done much better! I like the new screen capture thing though so I’ll definitely keep using CM

  • venorme

    Just few quotes from them:

    “The Pro name usually implies that such a software version would cost money or would offer features for pro users, but that’s not what’s happening with THIS ROM version” – does this goes for – we will start for free for THIS version but will add more for money?

    Also they state that “Community Edition Designed for hackability

    Pro Edition Designed for security ”
    So will community version be less secure becouse of root or will they make it less secure for sake of using PRO?

    And for all this easy updates for PRO – what happens to nightlies?

    • jorge

      Hey smarty…Pro version is intended for noobs, so you have no root you can’t damage your system in a curious attempt to find out what does uninstall systemUI means…
      if you have root and want it means you understand what you are doing…well not always. And that is why this version.
      Community edition and other stuff including nightlies will keep coming but no date (rule #1 NO DATES ASKED) however a PRO will have that benefit, “slower” (2 weeks vs 6 months from carriers if ever happen) but more stable.
      We as users as used and understand this because we also develop, right?

    • Yossi Cohen

      hackable by you not by others… -_-
      cm never had any special security holes actually it was more secure then most stocks…
      and for the ppl who sayd that there will be no root there WILL be root but it is a toggle that is set to off by default and is located in dev options(which most noobs wont even know how to get to…)
      the com version will just have root enabled and will actually be the nightlies we know from these days.
      in short cm com=normal cm
      cm pro = cm for noobs/ppl who are afraid to do stuff to their devices.

  • Michael Marcarian

    I hope they make it accessible for lower end devices (htc one v, galaxy ace ,
    etc )


    How about stability on the S3?

    • Yossi Cohen

      Its already stable there…
      my friend has it and it is a smooth sail just like on my hox or even better…
      besides… everything is more stable and faster then the stock samsung roms…

      • TONY ALDO

        Not for me at least I had a scary incident. I had loaded it on my S3..reset,clear cache, clear dalvik etc. While driving to a place pretty far using Waze my phone completely shuts off mid way there. Now I had no idea how to get to this place. I pull over on the highway and I’m trying to get it on and nothing was happening. Finally after maybe 10 – 15 mins it came back on. Boom get back on the high way, resume nav on Waze and at no surprise the phone crashed again. Came back on and I finally got to my destination and borrowed a gps unit from my friend for the way back. Next day I flashed back to stock, never had that problem again.

        • Ramaven

          Which version ROM have you installed?… I Have a S3 (i9300) running CM 11 (4.4.1) and is running smooth…