CyanogenMod 9 is getting closer! Code freeze has begun

by: SamJune 14, 2012

The most well-known and stable custom ROM, CyanogenMod, is finally nearing its formal Ice Cream Sandwich release, version number 9. The CM9 build will be a speedy minimalist build of Ice Cream Sandwich, with all of the usual and tasty Cyanogenmod tweaks.

The Cyanogenmod team has branched their mainline repositories, ready for the code freeze that leads to the eventual release of a new version. In an official blog post, the team said:

There are still a number of technical and organizational issues that need to be resolved very quickly, the plan is to quickly iterate through a series of release candidates over the next few weeks. We are still accepting contributions to the main branches, but from here until release day we will only be accepting bugfixes, device support, and translations into the release branch

The initial release is expected to cover a core subset of devices, later expanding to many more devices that the Cyanogenmod team considers ICS-capable, even if the manufacturers didn’t.

For those of you who have been using CM9’s nightly builds to enjoy the software as it progresses, the Cyanogenmod team says that the nightly builds will still come out along the main branch, so those of you who like to live on the bleeding edge will not miss out.

If you haven’t done it already, take a look at the new CM9 boot animation, featuring the project’s new mascot, “Cid”.

[embed width=”600″][/embed]
  • I love CM9. Actually i’m running some beta on my Desire Z (also known as T-mo G2). The only thing i don’t like is Cid. I don’t know if he needs to look evil or just clumsy/gangling, probably somting in between. I really liked the skaterboy android, he is awesome and happy to. Luckily for me I know how to flash to another boot animation.

    • Well then just flash another. I’d love a Cid without the sub-space flying though, a bit too much for me. Iron Cid! He should be shooting flames out of his hands or something.

  • jacky go smacky

    Yeah not a huge fan of Cid. Not a huge fan of the crumby CM wallpapers either. I have no idea why you put them in. You do such a great job, why not round it off with a bit of cosmetic polish? Lucky CM is polished where it counts :D