CyanogenMod 11 M2 release going out now for 65 devices

January 4, 2014

    cyanogenmod nexus 5 boot screen aa 1

    Monthly snapshot releases of CyanogenMod 11 are now available for many popular devices, after the CM team kicked off the rollout of the monthly snapshot release CM11 M2.

    Monthly snapshots are intermediary releases between nightlies and release candidates aimed at users that want early access to new features and bug fixes, but don’t want to live on the bleeding edge of nightly builds. In general, these CyanogenMod builds are stable enough for daily usage, though bugs still make it through, which is why is good to apply some caution before flashing. Also, as with any work in progress, some features may be missing.

    CyanogenMod 11 is based on Android 4.4 KitKat and incorporates a number of features developed by the CM team such as screencasting and the secure messaging service WhisperPush. The first monthly snapshots for CM11 were released for Nexus devices almost a month ago, but now users of devices from Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Motorola, and other OEMs can join in the fun. According to a blog post on the Cyanogen blog, the build is rolling out for 65 devices – at the time of this writing, M2 snapshots were available for about 50 devices, with the rest due to hit the download servers in the following hours. Nexus devices, various versions of the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4, HTC One, LG G2 and other high-profile devices are all on the download portal.

    The CyanogenMod team has not released a changelog for the CM11 M2 build, other than: β€œWe’ve been working on bugs, device bringup, porting over features, and working on new features – all included in these builds.”

    If you want to go ahead with the CM11 M2 release for your device, you will need root access and a custom recovery like ClockworkMod; in addition, you will have to install the Google apps package from here. Happy flashing!


    • Christian Koch

      already installed. Could not find any new features (but haven’t looked very hard) but the whole systems feels a bit smoother and faster

      • raj

        Which device

        • Christian Koch

          Nexus 5

          • Guest123

            someone down voted because Christian K is using CM on a Nexus 5? What a douche nozzle for down voting that.

            • Christian Koch

              I thought the same after reading it
              but it doesn’t really matter anyways…

            • Jayfeather787

              There, I voted up because the Nexus 5 is the best phone.

            • Azeem

              I wish it would show that sucker’s name. :b

    • Zackery Kessey

      note three was not listed :’(

      • Azeem

        The note 3 has an unofficial build of CM11, but the problems it has are pretty significant, so it will be a while before there are M2s for it.

    • raj

      My Xperia Z Ultra :-S:-S

    • thartist

      WOW! Razr GSM XT910 umts_spyder has gotten it too! I’m surprised.

      • Eric Whittaker Jr

        quick questions… Why do they put the list of devices in the downloads page by there build code name vs there actual marketed name?
        also why is there a build for a Motorola Razr (umts_spyder) and a Motorola Droid Razr (spyder)?

        • thartist

          Because they are developers! Hardheaded and user-unfriendly by tradition :P

          • Eric Whittaker Jr

            haha Ooooh… So what is the difference between Motorola Razr and Motorola Droid Razr i.e. – umts_spyder and spyder?

            • thartist

              Difference is that the “Motorola Razr” is the GSM version, XT910, and the “Motorola Droid Razr” is the CDMA version, XT912. Nothing important for the end-user, just different communication norms and functioning according to the standard adopted in each country.

            • Eric Whittaker Jr

              Well I would say that is very important for the end user because there really isn’t a way to determine which is for xt910 and xt912 right? Meaning If I’m going to get the proper room for my device that should be a very clean distinction between them because in the marketing name there not called two different names they are either Motorola Droid Droid Razr XT910 or Motorola Droid Razr XT912 right?

            • thartist

              ]:/ Man, go to your phone’s Settings, About Device, and you’ll see either 910 or 912. Done, that’s where you start.

              - Droid Razr, XT912, CDMA, spyder.
              - Razr, XT910, GSM, umts_spyder.

            • Eric Whittaker Jr

              Just keep in Mind that there is no distinction between Droid Razr and Razr telling end users that one is XT910 or XT912 (and FYI They are Both DROID) Even if i went to my phones setting and looked up the model number I then would still be stuck because of the lack in distinction of which model is associated to which name. They really should change the way they organize and label this. Plus if CM is trying to get out to the consumer level then they should really cater to a more simplistic name convention, or just add more details and be more specific.

              P.S. Don’t be one of those “know-it-all” Douches that think because you know a little bit about model names that everyone has a lack in common sense. Makes you just sound like an ass. but thanks for trying to be helpful

    • Ben Lee

      Chahgelog available here, pick device from dropdown:

    • Kaivalya shah

      Noticable changelog after using for 5 minutes on Nexus 10(may vary from device to device):
      1) Settings has Tablet UI
      2) Feels smoother
      3) Settings has new Profiles section
      4) New battery styles: battery portrait and landscape. Circle with % is removed.
      5) Transparent Status bar and navigation bar in launcher and lock screen
      6) Navigation bar quick launch shortcuts are smaller
      Please visit my blog for tech news,reviews etc.

    • Jason Hansen

      Have it running on my SGIII from 10.2 and it’s running smooth. I had to fix a few issues (Android Device Manager and Google Account disappeared), but all is well now. I’ll probably wait for a stable release before I “upgrade” again.

    • Segroukin

      Still no hope for the Note 3 :(

      • Jayfeather787

        Not yet. Give it another couple weeks or so.

      • Azeem

        Don’t fret, the dev community is very good and will get it out soon. :)