CyanogenMod 10 Nightlies available for Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 and other devices

August 19, 2012
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The CyanogenMod team announced on Google+ that various Android devices will get CyanogenMod 10 Nightlies starting this week. The list includes various popular Android handsets and tablets, whose owners will get a taste of Jelly Bean well ahead of the official releases for those devices.

Here’s a list of devices that have started receiving the CM10 Nightlies:

  • U.S. Samsung Galaxy S3 variants
  • Galaxy Nexus variants
  • Nexus S variants
  • Nexus 7
  • Transformer and Transformer Prime
  • Samsung Galaxy S variants (Vibrant, Captivate, International, and i9000b)
  • Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100g
  • P3 and P5 tablets

Moreover, CM9 Nightly builds will be rolled out on a weekly basis henceforward:

CM9 nightly builds for devices that don’t receive a CM10 nightly will continue (for the meantime) but we are changing the timing on them to be once a week instead (aka weeklies). This will allow a means for us to test bug fixes and the like as they get merged into the ICS branch – as stated before, the CM9 branch is in an otherwise perpetual code-freeze.

As always, we’ll remind you that we’re not encouraging you to install any unofficial ROMs on your Android devices, CyanogenMods included, so proceed at your own risk with such customizations.


  • MasterMuffin

    Why for gt 19100g but not gt 19100 (the international? And why for all usa sgs3 but not for the international!? :( waiting for them…

    • True_Neutral

      Because Exynos devices are harder to code for due to lack of source codes. Surprisingly Qualcomm devices get more love, despite me hearing that they are as open-source unfriendly as the worst of them.

      • MasterMuffin

        :( hope they will get those nightlies for the internstionals soon… and when the first rc comes, I’m gonna start using it ’cause those are pretty stable usually even though they aren’t in the “final form” :)

        • True_Neutral

          As a Galaxy S2 user I wish that nightlies for the i9100 will start soon as well. Anyway, if you have not been following the CM10 thread, one of the developers, codeworkx stated that we will likely have to wait for a i9100 JB leak for them to fix the existing problems with CM10 on i9100.

          • MasterMuffin

            No!!! Well, I have sgs3 too so no problemo, it will get the official jb soon so it will be easier for them to do the CM10 to it…

          • True_Neutral

            Exactly right. In all likelihood the SGS3 will get JB before the i9100, whether officially or in CM10 form ;)

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