CyanogenMod 10.2 (Android 4.3) nightlies rolling out now

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 14, 2013

CyanogenMod logo

CyanogenMod fans, rejoice. The team behind the Cid mascot has been hard at work to release the first CM ROMs based on the newly launched Android 4.3. As usual, it looks like CyanogenMod is far ahead of OEMs when it comes to delivering timely updates.

A few hours ago, the CM team announced in a Google Plus post the availability of the first nightly builds of CyanogenMod 10.2. Nightlies are already out for many devices, such as the Nexus 7 (2013), Nexus 4, HTC One, many Samsung phones and tablets, and many Motorola devices. For the list of available nightlies, check out the official CM download page,

CM devs say that, while all officially supported devices will eventually get the latest build, some “stragglers” may be late. Asking for ETAs is, as usual, frowned upon.

CM 10.2 brings all the goodies in the previous version, as well as the improvements and features brought by Android 4.3. To get the Google apps package, you’ll have to flash an Android 4.3 zip file.

As always when dealing with such things, proceed with caution and don’t forget to back up. Nightlies are cutting-edge through their nature, so expect some bugs. If you look for a daily driver, you should probably wait for a more stable release.

  • rdeleonp

    Already rocking it. So far, so good.

  • Jérémy Castellano

    Aw god no GALAXY Note II official version ><

    • I am waiting too

      • Sean C

        Unofficial compiled versions in xda appear to work near perfect

        • mobilemann

          i’m sure there will be one though ~ i would much rather get it through

    • tasos

      yea I guess they “can’t” work it out? pfff so disappointed about not getting a version for the Note 2… Would be the ultimate combination!

    • Filip Wåhlin

      What is the n7100 version then in the list? Im i dreaming?

  • xtriker360

    Running just fine on my s3 :D

    • mobilemann

      i’ve been staying on 4.1.2 since the at&t update (obviously rooted) but i may have to switch back to CM myself again ….

  • Augis

    I lost my root permissions after flashing this:(

    • MasterMuffin

      This is in their FAQ, go to developer settings and enable root to both ADB and apps. Or if you’re using custom kernel, it’s its fault

      • mobilemann

        here’s hoping battery life with the stock kernel has improved since my cm10.1 days.

      • Thanks for yout infomation

  • Rob Triggs

    Great news, there’s a nightly build for the Galaxy S2! It might be time to switch back to CM.

  • MasterMuffin

    Only problem with this (and every other 4.3 ROM) is that there are various graphical glitches thanks to Samsung not giving some sources. Everytime an app shows an ad, the screen goes black. The app is still running and screen is on and everything else works, but screen goed black :( PA 3.96 FTW

    • Nick Aguirre

      Yea, I noticed that too! You think this will be fixed in later builds? Or is it because we have Samsung devices? Galaxy Note 2 BTW

      • MasterMuffin

        It will be fixed and it’s because of Samsung :(

        • Kai Schneider

          I don’t understand why this is not fixed yet. I mean it is a major issue. How can CM roll out something without working main functionalities. I have this issue for about 2 weeks now. I am updating every week, but I never see a difference.

          • MasterMuffin

            It’s really not their fault, it’s Samsung’s. It’s a minor problem anyways.

          • Rshunter99

            All Android 4.3- ROM’s are Nightlies. That means there can be alot of glitches and bugs.

    • david c

      I’m the same. Screen goes black with ads. And aspect ratio is wrong on auto rotate on messenger and flickers badly on browser. V annoying. But great work so far. Wish Samsung would release the info that is needed. Samsung : Stop trying to push us to get a new phone. We will do that when we want. I got stung the same with Motorola droid and will never go back.

  • Nexus 4 here..

    Absolutely love this ROM. 2nd best after PSX Pure Speed eXtreme. It brought back the one feature I was missing since 4.3 rolled out. The beloved Theme Engine…. Oh how I missed you…

    Stable so far. Only quirk is very few custom Kernels work with it. So far only Matr1x 10.5 CM works great. Rest either break Cell signal or boot loop xD

    This will hold me till #XenonHD merges with 4.3….

    Am quite happy.

  • ebfarha

    Huge fan of SAMSUNG however Samsungs predecessors like the s3 which have put Samsung on the market are being pushed out of the pic by Samsung which is dissapointing. Iphone sends the latest updates to all its predecessors which is fair and which is keepi g its customers happy. Id really love to be updated to JELLY BEAN 4.3 HOWEVER IF MY DEVICE DOES NOT RECEIVE IT WELL THEN WATCH OUT SAMSUNG YOU WILLLLLLLL LOOOOOSE CUSTOMERS VERY QUICK as this bad habit will continue with its latest devices.

    • “The Dude”

      I feel like that’s not a hundred percent Samsung’s fault, as the carriers have the final say on updates (in the US at least) – look at the GS4GE – official 4.3 images are already out. other manufacturers are very similar to this process as well. Android is a fragmented OS, however is slowly becoming less so. IOS, well, isn’t fragmented because it’s Apple and closed source. It’s for some people. If you’re looking for a more stable, less customizable, closed source operating system that doesn’t have a fragmented OS, then go to Apple. Otherwise, welcome to the world of Android.

      • ebfarha

        You obviously correct however TELEKOM has officially announced the jelly bean 4.3 for its customers however at no specified time. Samsung however do have a habit of skipping HUGE firmware updates for its predecessors making us just watch the fun go by and instead using cm10 we have to flash our own rom which isnt safe and fair. Your point taken but im sure with samsung giving the carriers alittle kick in the back will make a huge difference!

  • Ray Grau

    :) Downloading NOW! Nice to get it finally on the S4

  • mobilemann

    i installed via rom manager, and surprise, it offered me 4.1.2 gapps; i was like; well maybe it knows better, which put me into a “setup has exited unexpectedly) loop.

    found 4.3 gapps and flashed and it’s fine. Just figured i would share incase someone else is in the same spot. Silly rom manager.

    did this on a i747 / d2att / sgs3 LTE at&t btw…

    • xtriker360

      Can you share me a link for gapps 4.3? Thank you.

    • riley rose

      Does it work with HTC amaze 4G?

  • vs8

    It’s running pretty well on my ATT Galaxy S2. I’ve found just a very few minor bugs and/or graphical glitches.

  • vaghoust

    what changed in 4.3 or 10.2 and not all devices are supported?After ICS all devices should be updated easily,what dramatic changes google does and old kernel drivers are useless?

  • ROM Noob

    Everything seems to be working great but I lost root privileges after flashing cm10.2 and gapps 8132013. That’s normal, right? Or did I mess something up?

    • ROM Noob

      Nevermind. Fixed it following the instructions given by MasterMuffin in another post (dev options > root ADB + Apps). Thanks!

  • Dummy

    Plays Store does not work anymore (no connection available). :-(

  • Rafi Ali

    Anyone problem with camera focal? I got problem with focal camera, can’t use it.

  • pratik doshi

    Hey guys gt a link to download android 4.3 for all devices…check it out at,,

  • Advancedlamb

    On my s3 CM works fine and doesn’t have any issues, however every google app crashes when started (google chrome, voice, play store, etc). Help?

  • Shyam

    I have installed CM10.2/4.3 on note 2, how do i downgrade custom ROM 4.1.2 which i have already has a back up before flashing custom ROM.