Cyanogen to bring Theme Showcase app to Play Store on June 16

June 6, 2014
    slim ui cm11

    Slim UI CM11 theme by Nikolai Prettner

    One of the biggest new features on the CyanogenMod-running OnePlus One is the new theming engine, which lets you quickly apply style elements such as fonts and boot animations or entire themes that give your device a fresh unitary look.

    Now Cyanogen Inc. is bringing the Theme Showcase app to other CM devices, opening it for all theme designers interested in the project.

    According to Cyanogen Inc’s community manager Brian Resnik, Theme Showcase will hit the Play Store on June 16. Designers who wish to have their work showcased when the app launches can submit their themes by following the guidelines here. The themes or individual elements will be made available through the Play Store and they can be free or paid-for. Individual elements can include wallpapers, lockscreens, fonts, styles, boot animations, and sounds.

    Cyanogen promised that Theme Showcase will be updated with new content every Thursday, so customization addicts will want to check back to the app frequently.


    • Paarth Desai

      wooot wooot… oh wait a sec , we can already do what the app does …maybe its for the noobies who want one click things

      • thartist

        Maybe what you call ‘for noobies’ is a real piece of software with an actual decent implementation for a given purpose, instead of a collection of hacks that makes some losers feel l33t.

        • Bogdan Petrovan

          Well said.

        • MasterMuffin

          * 1337 ;)

    • a671

      MIUI like…

      • Luka Mlinar

        And here i thought that was a stupid name. Well played sir :D

      • MasterMuffin

        MIUI had it first, but so what? People have been asking to have it on AOSP for ages and it’s not like MIUI devs wre the inventors of customizing UI :)

        • Maranello Santiago

          Have to say it was/is nice.(the theming) When I first seen that, it was like nothing else I seen with android. Would run it every once in a while, would like to have it available for my current phone, regardless of it being “IOS-like”

          • MasterMuffin

            Same here, I have flashed MIUI numerous times but always gone back to AOSP because of speed and stability. Now that PA has this too I’m suppa happy :) I have custom icons and system theme and sounds and everything :)

      • xoj_21

        miui had good store but, they got greedy and started to charge for even free themes
        miui died there.

    • Shine Wong

      Oneplus one is $399 on oppomart, needn’t invitation