Cyanogen raises $23 million in funding, hints about its future plans for a new design language

by: Andrew GrushDecember 19, 2013

CyanogenMod logo

Back in September, the CyanogenMod team announced they would be going commercial and forming a new company called Cyanogen Inc. At the time they had secured $7 million during their “series A” funding, which has allowed them to move forward with quite a few projects including the CM installer, WhisperPush and the CyanogenMod account.

Cyanogen Inc has announced that they have completed their series B funding round and managed to secure an additional $22 million in funding!

The funding has also opened up new doors which has allowed Cyanogen to form partnerships with companies like Oppo, and even perhaps the new startup OnePlus.

Now in an effort to continue pushing forward, Cyanogen Inc has announced that they have completed their “series B” funding round and managed to secure an additional $22 million in funding! Most of the latest funds come from venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, and of course existing partners Benchmark and Redpoint.

Aside from the newly secured millions, CyanogenMod has also announced that Andreessen Horowitz’s Peter Levine is joining their board of directors and that the massive Chinese Internet giant Tencent is signing on as a strategic partner for the company.

Having Tencent on their side could be a huge deal for Cyanogen. After all, CM is already very popular in China, and teaming up with TenCent could mean it will be able to introduce better services geared towards expanding its presence in the Chinese market and competing with other big players like Xiaomi.

So what exactly can we expect from Cyanogen going forward?

According to an official blog post, the company will be using the newly secured capital to grow their engineering, UX, design and product teams in order to “continue to build the next generation of mobile experience”. The Cyanogen team also says the funding will allow them to introduce more services, apps and devices that run CM out of the box.

Even more intriguing, the team also mentions that they have begun developing a “new design language and flavor” which they plan to introduce soon!

The CyanogenMod team has begun developing a 'new design language and flavor.'

If you prefer the ‘stock’ Android look and feel, don’t panic — these changes will apparently be optional.

In Cyanogen’s own words, “We already decided early on that any design changes we make will be optional, and you can easily switch back to holoyolo. There is a *massive* themes rearchitecture under way right now.” Exactly what the new design language, themes and UI change will look remains unknown at least for now.

The big takeaway here is that Cyanogen Inc’s growth and ambitions aren’t slowing down anytime soon. What do you think of Cyanogen’s recent efforts, impressed by their commercial efforts or not?

  • NeedName

    I’m expecting at least one Chinese hardware manufacturer to use CM as their OS in the near future, and I don’t mean the “cyanogenmod phone.”

    It seems like a very smart relationship for hardware manufacturers to use if they want to start selling devices directly, and many companies that have previously just supplied known brands are now selling their own stuff. Provide investment cash to CM, who will deal with all the software headaches for your device without having to pay a per device fee. . . CM makes money and the hardware manufacturers get a better OS and consistent updates without being raped by a software vendor — you know, like how MS pretty much bilks companies.

    A win win situation if you ask me.

    • Prox

      I like this idea, companies wouldn’t need to in-source android builds.

      • Arturo Raygoza

        but they will, and the defrag will continue

  • Groud Frank

    I am impressed to say the least. CM/CI are doing big things and I hope other modding teams follow in their footsteps. I’m not so sure about the new flavour of android but I am sure it will be done with class and thought. Can’t wait to see what is coming down the pike from these guys.

  • michael sanchez

    I guess im more worried about the sell out affect with to many large companies.

  • Laszlo Demeter

    I’m pretty worried with all this stuff. CM is going way too comercial. This happened with Google, Facebook and every single big company on this world. They will end up hungry of money, forgetting old phones and users, giving their distribution with new phones and update them for two years. They need to use those investments to multiply them, not spend then updating old phones (probably hundreds) everyday.